This will be my big thread.

This year I am doing a picture each year inspired by a different M.R. James story.

You can find the pictures on the tag.

Day 5:

Oh whistle, and I’ll come to you, my lad.

The whistle and what should look like a little pile of mud.

Day 14.

The story of a disappearance and an appearance.

What the hell did happen with the cask of beer? We will never know.

Day 15.

The scrap of torn sheet music from An Episode of Cathedral History.

I love how all the stuff in these MR James pictures are at the same time mundane and unthreatening but also super haunted too.

@jameschip My fave MR James story. Btw, if you feel like you’re not getting enough feedback on these wonderful images, it can be because they are all in the same thread and it gets lost on some Fedi settings.

@jameschip Not to change gear so close to the end. They’ll make an awesome and enduring collection as a whole.

@Sandra I don't mind so much. I am really just doing them for myself and only sharing in case others enjoy them.

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