Ok, little thread on my chess variant.

I have said before that there is a big difference between the game of chess and how chess is played.

This is my attempt to “fix” chess a bit. By removing a bit of the deterministic nature of the game a level of balance between knowing chess and playing chess can be restored somewhat.

Making it so that possible moves are determined by dice roll decreases the determinism of chess, but if you are not careful it will draw it in too far.

Regular dice chess is too random. By using a dice pool you add in a layer of choice by the player so that they can form a strategy within limits.

Making a list of each players possible moves public information leaves for an interesting space to play in.

There is also, I feel, an interesting sequencing game to be played on your own turns as to which order you spend your dice in.

Anyhow, it’s on itch and on my website if you are interested.

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