The myth of non stick. I have been cooking with stainless steel for a little bit now and I don’t get sticking issues. You just have to use them right. Heat first, add oil once hot, cook, clean with hot water.

Nonstick is a con.

kinda depressing corporate practices 

@jameschip Pretty much literally a con. It had known health dangers back when it was first introduced, and the manufacturer just didn't give a shit. Capitalism is fun.

kinda depressing corporate practices 

@csepp I have a carbon steel frying pan arriving in the next few days and I’ll finally have replaced the last of the cheap nonstick we had to buy to set up house.

Cheap shit pans designed to last a couple of years before being replaced.

Its like the captain vimes economy of shoes, but cookware.

kinda depressing corporate practices 

@jameschip And if cheap shoes gave you cancer.

...welll... fun fact, the same material in non-stick cookware (PFAS) is also used on clothing, so... check your labels 🙃

kinda depressing corporate practices 

@csepp yay, what a time to be alive!

@jameschip One more marketing concept that really stuck to people's mind. There are some many social behavior that are rooted in past marketing spree!

@jameschip stainless steel, aluminium, cast iron: the oil does not really care which kind of metal it polymerizes on ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@malte but even if you aren’t seasoning them it’s still fine. We got bought some nonstick saucepans which we replaced with stainless pretty fast. When I’m cooking with a lot of liquid sticking is not my main concern.

@jameschip if you only clean with hot water, and heat the pan before adding anything to it, you'll have a thin layer of polymerized oils anyway, even if you don't do it explicitly, i'd say 🤷‍♀️

@malte absolutely. Faster on some pans than others, but it’s going to get there.

This is what I find funny about the people who insist on seasoning a pan 11 times before use. Just do it once or twice and then just use the pan.

@jameschip I didn’t know this re: adding oil once hot. Do you know more about why this helps? Or what to look up?

@b_cavello I believe it’s because the tiny pores in the metal seal up so when you add the oil it sits on top of them instead of filling them. Forms a kind of barrier. You need to heat the pan to the point where a drop of water produces the leidenfrost effect and then add your oil. Let the oil heat to a shimmer and cook.

@alinanorakari something that notoriously didn’t exist before nonstick pans.

@jameschip I have no idea if olden age scrambled egg cooks just had to deal with cleaning stickage off their pans. Does your answer imply that you can cook scrambled egg in the pan without it sticking then?

@jameschip thank you!! ive been saying this forever!!! steel pans just better

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