It has been bought to my attention that everyone I know who eats them prepares a grapefruit slightly differently.

I for instance cut the skin off and pop the segments out with a knife.

My parents just slice it into wedges and bite the flesh off the skin.

A guy at work uses a special grapefruit spoon, and his mother a grapefruit knife.

How do you prepare yours?

I spent quite a bit of time this afternoon sitting in this ancient oak with the 3yo.

We identified a moss, saw 3 types of butterflies, saw a deer and I told stories about trees are magical and have secret names that they will only tell to people they trust the most; so you must never give a tree a name, because it’s rude to the tree.

We gathered some cornflowers on the way home for mummy, but they ended up in a puddle.

Good times.

I often forget how lucky I am that this is a couple of minutes walk from my front door. I will miss this when we move.

I haven’t seen anyone else all morning.

I have been made aware that in the new Peter Rabbit film you can see a rabbit holding a boom mic in the reflection of a bowl and not only is this one if the most meta things ever, it’s a great example of environmental world building.

OK, had a think. Starting over on my site generator again. Bit of early morning C before the kid wakes up.

Did some repotting of the succulents. The jase plant lost a couple of leaves trying to get it out of the hole in the container it was in which is fine. Im letting the leaves that got knocked off sit and dry a bit and I’m going to try propagate some new ones!

I also split about 6 chicks off the hen and I’m going to propagate those too and give them as gifts to people.

The golems ear came out in one piece, I’m going to let it settle in and take a cutting later.

And here is the finished board after a few coats of mineral oil. Nice again. No need to keep buying new ones.

Huge improvement already and this is just from sanding. First lot of mineral oil tomorrow.

I think I both love and hate this character sheet design. It looks nice but I don’t think the circular stat block adds anything.

There isn’t anywhere good to write down what’s in your slots either, which can be quite a bit.

It looks great, but usability questions.

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Earlier the kid was telling me they wanted to be a scientist when they grew up.

Then later they said the same thing while arranging these leaves by size, shape and colour.

“What kind of scientist?” I asked.

“This kind” they said pointing at the leaves.

If I end up raising a botanist I will be very happy indeed.

Anyone know what’s up with my aloe?

It’s leaves have just started developing these brown areas on them. They feel a bit gritty.

Ok, let us read Whitehack 3rd edition. Few pages in and it feels good.

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