A Wood Heart is #1 popular on itch :) 

Shit me!

A Wood Heart is currently the most popular physical game on itch.

It's silly because it's really nothing, but I feel really proud of that.

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Print and digital copies of A Wood Heart are now available for sale on my itch page or my big cartel shop. All details at my website:


A Wood Heart is a map drawing and story telling game about humans, forest spirits and the intersection of their existence.

Purple Dead Nettle coming ip in the garden.

These can be eaten and the flowers apparently taste sweet. Ima leave them for the bees though.

So after this playing on my mind all day while playing with the kid I finally sat down to work out what was going on.

Tried to remember the GDB commands and bingo!

bloody newline!

That is the bug.

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We have seeds!

The sunflowers grow up to 6 meters apparently, we shall see. The beans are a dwarf variety that grow purple pods, why not.

The seed potatoes in the egg box are jazzy variety, in my opinion the best potatoes you can have. Second early cropping.

The other three little bags of seed potatoes came with potato growing sacks. Vivaldi are supposed to be delicious, the other two are fairly standard fodder.

On a cold day we have come indoors to play Rhino Hero. Fun game.

I am happy with this a the way pages will look in A Wood Heart. Every page is going to have a different background image like this on it.

Went down to the river yesterday. Where did all the ducks go?

Used to be loads.

Sa there appears to be hand tools discourse tonight I thoughtI would let you know that there is a book about the history of the adjustable spanner.

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