Compost is just about getting there! This is my first ever batch that I have done myself (with the help of little hands).

So these sunflowers do go fast.

Yesterday was significantly less sunny than the previous days so I wonder if that accounts for the dip in growing or if maybe it’s putting it’s energy into growing the leaves at the moment instead.

I should have measured the leaves too!

Ok, the seed popped off the top of the sunflower yesterday and I started a little height record because they apparently grow fast.

Can confirm it has grown about 8mm in 24 hours.

Grown a bit since this time yesterday. The seed is about ready to pop off the top. Get your bets in for how far it goes now.

Sometimes all you have tondo is throw all the vegetables in the oven with some herbs and serve it with freshly baked bread.

Ok, I am pretty sure these are the fastest growing sunflowers ever. This was only just breaking soil this morning.

I will take another picture tomorrow morning and you will see what I mean.

Germination week 1. 

Ok so we are a week on and the shoots have been growing every day.

The colour of the shoot seems to change over night. I do not know what relevance the colour has although I can start to see roots starting to grow out from the purple section.

I am wondering if maybe the purple part will be the root system and the green part of the stalk.

I can see the bean starting to split in half vertically but can’t get a picture because of how the jar sits.

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How have I only just learned about rope lighters? These things are wind proof and were apparently very popular on boats.

Germination day 4, tails. 

Each of the three seeds have now cracked and have tails.

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Germination day 3, cracks are showing. 

Only Day three and this seed is showing signs of a tiny crack forming already!

All of the beans have swollen somewhat from soaking up water. I can see it when I hold a dry bean up to it but the difference doesn’t come out on camera well.

I knew the sprout comes from that part of the bean, when they pop out of the ground they are often wearing the seed as a hat having exploded from that point.

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Actually I just sat down in front of the computer to fo this and just sighed a big sigh.

I don’t have the energy for this.

Off to happy place and to get some soil under my finger nails again.

I’m kind of on half steam with computers at the moment. I find them interesting, but am utterly unmotivated to actually take part.

seed germination day 2. 

I think the seed has swollen a little already.

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Observing the growth of a dwarf French bean seed with the kid and sharing the results with you folk because I know yall love sprouting things.

3 seeds have been placed in this jar pressed against the glass with damp kitchen paper. Each day ill top the water up and tip the excess out.

sometimes all you need is a shed load of citrus fruit to eat.

Some in water, some straight in the mouth. Citrus is the best.

Plants are amazing. Check out this beautiful periwinkle in our hedge!

doodles and drawings thread. 

I’m going to keep this thread as a kind of progress store of my drawing. Starting with this:

Quick line drawing of a vase of daffodils on our windowsill.

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