@neauoire I am not sure I have ever felt shame about doing or creating things that others couldn’t see the point in.

If I enjoy what I am doing and it’s not harming anyone then I am quite happy.

@neauoire yes, @ice linked me to that article earlier and I see quite a bit of myself within it.

Only I am learning the names of mosses not ferns.

I certainly feel like I am learning a bit about myself this last couple of days.

@ritualdust @januz I feel like there is certainly a complexity ceiling in LaTeX where a layout just becomes quite a task but it’s certainly worth a look in my opinion.

@kensanata I suppose so. There is this odd expectation that if you have free time then it should be used productivity. There’s a good argument though for just being idle.

@ice @sprkwd how to convert a post to a plinth in one easy step.

@sprkwd @ice well, I know what I’m doing next time I am at the beach. :)

@ice it’s funny because as far as I know me and Frank were the only people to use that bus stop and we were, respectively, the oldest and youngest persons in the area.

Like at either end of life you catch the bus, but you drift off somewhere in the middle.

@ice when I think about things I have done I think quite a bit fits into this idea.

I used to create a weekly bus stop news letter and stick it to my local bus stop in the middle of nowhere. It was a single side of a4 and was pretty much just a round up of the past week’s weather, plants that could be seen from the bus stop and things I had seen standing there.

I think I was the only person ever to read it. Maybe this old guy called Frank read it once but he never mentioned it.

@ice I had not seen this. I see a small amount of myself when reading that too. Thanks for sharing.

I find myself drawn to projects that provide very little real practical purpose.

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The amount of times I have created something, or started to, and the main thing people have asked is “whats the point?”.

The truth is, there usually isn’t a point. I am mostly creating for my own amusement or interest.

I have touched on this before I think. My usual response is to shrug and say “why not”.

Because a project isn’t ‘useful’ or can’t be monetised it’s considered pointless. But to me it’s still fun and worthwhile.

Is this my inner absurdist coming out in my works?

@januz @ritualdust yeah, scribus ain’t great. It works but it ain’t great. It’s partly what drove me to learn LaTeX.

I have never read or played Fate. I really should read it as it sounds like a system that’s right up my street.

@ice @SonjaLang I was just looking at my copy of that book the other day! Welcome to the fediverse!

A few years ago my wife asked me what I thought the point in life was and I said something along the lines of “there’s not one, the universe is cold and doesn’t care, but looking for non existent meaning is a fine way to pass your time”.

And only now I find out about absurdism and apparently I’m an absurdist. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I am still not sure providing a full kernel that provides a metaphor such as everything being a file has a huge amount of relevance on uxn though.

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As an extra thought:

The memory manager is also going to have to be in charge of swapping what the vectors point at between applications.

It’s not much use swapping from a text editor to something else and back if the memory manager doesn’t also swap the vectors in and out for each application lifecycle.

Maybe it does have to act a bit more like a traditional kernel than original intended.

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