@lrhodes we don’t at the moment. We are thinking of starting a game on jitsi.

@flip the Forgotten Realms is an ok setting. I ran a FAGE campaign in Waterdeep once.

@flip to be honest I think it does more to make loyal brand zelots than rpg fans.

@flip the problem is people often fall into playing DnD and never move onto anything else.

The number of times people have told me they won’t learn another game because they don’t have the time to learn a whole new set of rules; despite nearly all other games not requiring 3 giant hard backed books to play.

Even OSR games can be pretty light: see Mörk Borg.

@exquisitecorp it is in fact very very good. There are loads of adventures that fit on folded pamphlets.

I know I have made this point before, but DnD is an average game at best.

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Firend: “fancy an online Dungeons and Dragons game at some point.“

Me: “Make it Troika! And you have a deal”

Once you start playing non dragon games you don’t want to go back to dragon games.

@ndpi yeah not every printer on the planet will work with every hardware. With network printers it’s getting much better though.

It’s just a misnomer that printing on Linux is still impossible though. Check your hardware is supported and your usually golden in minutes.

@neltnerb absolutely this. I remember once having an external sound card that would plug in and out of my linux box all the time but windows threw a wobbly and required the driver reinstalling if you didn’t plug it into the exact same physical usb port every time.

I agree, linux is far from perfect, but I spent much less time faffing with it than my wifes Windows box.

Let’s kill the “printing on linux is hard” bullshit now shall we? Just plugged the usb cable into my laptop and got the printer set up in under a minute.

My wife’s window laptop however sat fucking around with the install wizard thing for a bit and then failed because the printer was plugged in before it was expected.

Linux is not the problem here.

Ok, there’s loads of themes and stuff you can edit to make your shop really fancy, but really the default theme is the only thing you need.


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Just setting up a big cartel shop snd am pleasantly surprised by how quick and easy it is.

This morning over a pot of tea I added the code that creates the directories for any output files but only if it is needed.

Whenever i deal with paths in C i am reminded of how usefull strchr() and strrchr() are!

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So after this playing on my mind all day while playing with the kid I finally sat down to work out what was going on.

Tried to remember the GDB commands and bingo!

bloody newline!

That is the bug.

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@oppen I don’t think my grandad ever cleared his fireplace out. I don’t think he ever went and got coal either because I always had to go get it.

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