@exquisitecorp this looks nice but I am finding that column scheming unpleasant.

@raelzero this is a really great idea and I look forward to seeing what books get suggested.

I won’t be able to participate because I just couldn’t keep up with the pace but look forward to seeing results.

@tychi Thanks, these tiny zines are a great format.

There’s loads of videos on YouTube about making these: youtu.be/Ixqr9e3wCxI

@neauoire also I just want to add that if you map in your mind the hex to what fingers you have on the table you have a built in bin/hex conversion method which is nice.

Very Useful Spells Indeed.

A mini zine with very useful spells indeed on. Print onto a single sheet of A4 and fold into an 8 page zine. Cut on the grey line.

@neauoire I have been doing this for years. I use four fingers on each hand so I get the high and low nibble.

@urbanfuzzy The tea.

It’s an interesting and subtle are is tea blending. The smells, the wait for it to steep and discover what you have created.

It’s something I feel has a lot of cultural significance and specialist knowledge that I just don’t feel comfortable tackling in my own design at the moment.

@xsova I had thought about it but I’m stopping myself a bit. I feel like in really want to play this game and going through the design process on it would kind of kill that a bit.

I never get the same kind of joy from playing a game I design to one I don’t.

What I really want to play is a game about tea blending.

Such a game should exist.

Nit Century: Spice road.

@deianeira i had thought about it but instead decided to use the Duckworth Lewis method to adjust the game in the less expert players favour.

Noughts and Crosses but you have to place your opponents mark and if you form a line they win.


@tendigits oh wow that weird. I had a dream about smoking last night too and today I am having major cravings.

Not smoked in several years, but got the want for one now like I just stopped yesterday!

@exquisitecorp @luka I absolutely love this idea and in fact it’s bought back to life an idea that I was working on inspired by experimental music notations.

I hope you don’t mind if I now go make a game inspired by your toot @luka

help wanted, electronics, norns 

@aynish I have been hand soldering surface mount components as part of my day job for the last 10 years so if you need help just shout. However everything you need to know should be in this video:


It’s not as hard as it seems but takes practice., Put the SMD chips on first, then the rest of the SMDs, then the through hole parts.

Soldering the chips can be trick enough without things being in the way of your iron so get those down first.

@milofultz yeah there’s some really good stuff in there. I was amazed by both the quality and variety of games that were created considering the character limit.

A Pooh champion.

A short game of being a stick that was once a celebrated champion drifting alone along a river.


A prototype game that i know not what to do with. To gemini with you!

meditation log. 

The last few days I hadn’t been able to focus at all. Then suddenly this morning cleared, well quietened down, again and I was able to focus again.

It’s funny how this comes in peaks and troughs.

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