The problem is with the call to getaddrinfo. I should probably be using AF_UNDEFINED instead of INET.

I should also be printing a proper error with gai_strerror() to find out what’s happening.

I have been up since 4:30 with a poorly tot though so I am going to sit, drink a glass of wine and watch a naff film with the wife.

G’nite all.

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Ok so here is a little bit of C that will make gemini requests at a URL. It isn't working for every URL yet though which is odd. test:

gmni -a

@kensanata @oppen this is how i vision it working, this is purely an implementation detail.

With gmni returning the whole of a gemini request (header and data) onto stdio and tools like readlink available on nix platforms I see no point in reinventing the wheel to relativise a url.

I am undecided if gmni should handle redirects or not. In my head making a gem request getting a redirect back is a complete and successful operation.

On the other you might expect it to follow a redirect automatically and give you the result of that.

I am leaning more towards the former and having a separate program that processes the redirect url (could be relative) into a new address and then just make the request again.

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@neauoire thanks. Im probably going to set up a project for it on later today when the little one is having a nap.

I already have something that can make gem requests and get the record back, it’s doing a bit extra at the moment that I need to strip out but its a start.

Ok, I was going to write a whole little gemini browser for the CLI in C because... project. I think I might just write a few smaller programs and tie them together with a shell script now though.

gmni - makes gemini requests and outputs on stdio.

gtex - Parses gemtext into nice colourful output.

The rest I believe can be done with standard unix tools.

@exquisitecorp @npisanti @chirrolafupa i have been using fish for about a year and it’s really nice. I keep writing scripts in bash though because I know it, even though fish looks nicer. Probably time I change that!

@neauoire @sir black nail varnish then. Turn it into the black void into which windows should be cast!

Also my parents asked me if I wanted a hazelnut tree because they have a load of small ones started growing under theirs that they were going to take out.

Told them to pot them all up so I could plant them at the park.

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Gathered what felt like thousand of poppy seeds today from the garden.

Look out roadside verges, I am coming to get you!

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We were invited recently to Paul Rollins' anarchist permaculture garden. We dubbed it "anarchist" because it mostly lets the plants decide for themselves how to grow with and around each other. It also doesn't require most of the typical "work" associated with gardening, such as weeding and troweling. It literally uses every space available to produce food. If you live in a place that doesn't get much water, it's great because it doesn't even require watering! It also produces an incredible yield. It can fit a lot of food into even a small space.

Any open yard space or empty lot can do; his is in the front yard of a house he's renting.

Of the many ways to adopt concepts that increase Community Wealth and make an ecostead, this one would be effective for ending food apartheid. (@emsenn probably will enjoy this)

1. Mow down the grass or weeds.

2. Cover the ground with cardboard or several layers of craft paper ... plastic can be used as well. Anything that can hinder undergrowth works.

3. Add a layer of straw. How thick this layer need be depends on many things: one is the amount of rain you get. More rain = more straw. The straw will eventually act like a sponge, helping the garden share and re-circulate the moisture underground.

4. Add a thick layer of compost, or compost / dirt blend. This is where anarchy thrives best, among all the decomposing ruins of a system.

5. Toss a seed blend (cover crop) over the whole thing. Cover with another light layer of straw and compost... water and walk away.

6. (optional) Plant large sunscreen-type crops (sunflowers and corn) near your indoor windows for extra air conditioning power in hot climates.

#LIvingWall #Anarchist #Permaculture #Gardening
#CommunityWealth #Ecostead

Some commercial cultivars purposely produce sterile plants that produce seeds that can not be regrown. They effectively hold a monopoly over a plants existence.

I think about that sometimes.

How sad.

@dualhammers it’s not just me that finds html tiresome and boring to write then.

Why does github have an official cli tool?

Surely that is just git.

I am going to add a section to the reading part of my website for book I want to read next. I keep forgetting about books I want to read.

Also suggestions on books to read are welcome. You can see what I have read already and suggest things you think I might like if you wish.

iOS 14 rant 

@ice as far as I can tell theres also still the bug with notification centre being dragged down and sending a callback to your app to say its about to enter the foreground when it isn’t.

Someone listened to my, very, old bands recording on archive dot org and said that it sounded like “Capdown run through The Dead Kennedys” and I am happy with that.

@neauoire i particularly like being able to push to a repo that doesn’t exist and getting a link to create it back.


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