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The new DnD book is being praised because its too complex and hard for even the most experienced DM to follow.

Sounds more like shitty design to me.

Writing a new game. Typed the words "Alternatively if you have a favorite tree that you visit often then play as that tree." and the game feels good to me.

I have been really good this year at watering the tomatoes until recently. We have been having periods of lots of rain and then a couple of hot days, then more rain. I decided I didn’t need to water.

Now some of the skins are splitting where the plant gets thirsty and the drinks too quickly causing the inside to grow faster than the skin.

This is mostly just aesthetic, they won’t keep as long with a split though.

Reworked my website to reduce the number of images on it and I think it is actually better looking.

Feels cleaner, more focused and less cluttered.


Eurorack module with 8 trigger outputs and a usb port for a keyboard. When you press a key the outputs represent the binary value of the key you pressed.

I think my little drawing tool is done now that it has bucket fill. Tempted to do Inktober with it but also really want an excuse to get my inks and brushes out.

A photo I took a while back of what i think Is the spore producing part of moss.

I think ultimately thats what I really want to do. Potter and plant.

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If capitalism wasn’t a thing and my needs were met I would probably become a community gardener.

I would just potter about planting up and caring for neglected areas with different plants and wild flowers.

Id plant a whole load of fruit trees around town too for people to enjoy.

Well then, I have a little gemini space now.


Not much there yet but it will fill up!

So the kristal browser for gemini has this “ART” bit in the theme setting. I think I have seen this before too.

How does one do this in a gemini page? Anyone know?

Whenever I read technical documents for computers in my head I hear this.

I pick up programming languages no problem though, thats odd. Maybe they are just more logical or something.

Going to keep ploughing on with toki though to see if it goes in eventually.

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It is a constant source of annoyance to me that I struggle so hard to learn other languages. I am an English only speaker and want to learn, it’s just I don’t know if I am wired that way.

Tried learning several but they never stick, or in fact go in at all.

Even toki pona isn’t going in that well. I just can’t understand the sentence structure at all and every time I learn a new word another drops out.

I am married to an English teacher and I can still barely wield my native language.


What was that sound?

It was the sound of me landing gently in my own corner of the gemini:// space.

Content soon!

“Dialect is a game about an isolated community, their language, and what it means for that language to be lost”

Game sounds interesting.

I find it so depressing that there is a growing trend of people having their garden astroturfed.

If you must have a lawn, have a lawn.

What would be nice is a laptop kit for rpi with a trackpad that has three buttons for use with plan9.

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