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I don’t understand what the point in the new consoles is. Are the games actually better or just less pointy?

Do I play Blackstone Fortress tonight solo, thats the current question.

Relaxed, hungry and poisoned by a snake. It’s not looking good for me!

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With the jam finished I now dedicate the rest of the month to play.

Tonight, 7th Continent

Here’s one big take away for me about moving from Github to

Github treats source control like a social network. Getting stars on your projects, following users, news feeds, showing off your usage stats for... some reason.

It’s not until you get away from that you realise how fucking awful and pointless it is.

A load of other stuff too, but that.

The micro fiction games jam has closed for new submissions as of now.

We got 44 games submitted!


That’s overwhelming as when this started I never thought it would ever make it into double figures.

Thanks to everyone for taking part whether you submitted a game or just looked them up.

meditation log. 

Sitting like that kinda gives me a spot and position that isn’t associated with anything else so I guess there is no baggage that come with it to ignore.

Still a constant low level of thought going on with a few gaps here and there but I am kinda trying to let the thoughts go and not engage with them.

Appears to be working, I feel a bit calmer in the morning for sure.

Thanks everyone for your support and advice. This is quite a rewarding adventure.

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meditation log. 

Been doing 10 each morning consistently. What seems to work best for me is sitting and counting my breathing. I actually breathe more naturally like that it feels because when I try observing the breath too much I start thinking about the actual act of breath.

I also tried laying instead of sitting and it didn’t work so well fo me. Felt too much like going to bed. I have resolved to sitting on the floor with my back supported by a sofa arm.

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The Micro Fiction Games Jam closes tomorrow morning while I am eating my breakfast.

If you are working on a game then you have until that exact time to finish and send it in.

“However, where do you draw the line between what is internationally deemed a crime and a natural process of transferring skills? Is international concern on child rights relevant to Africa?”

Let me fix that for you.

“Should Adrian children have rights?”

Bill Gates sponsoring an article in The Guardian in defence of child labour in Africa after Microsoft got sued for knowingly using child labour in cobalt mines.

Compost a billionaire, save a child.

Stop requesting inline formatting in the text/gemini format.

It is a simple line based format. If you want inline styles like italics then use markdown, that is what it is for.

You don’t ask for a Philips bit to be added to your hammer head because sometimes you want to drive a screw in instead of hit a nail. You choose the right tool to do the job at hand.

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Finally managed to contribute something to @jameschip's Micro Fiction Games Jam.

There's still a couple of days to participate:

Me: Thanks, ill grab a green and get painting trees!

Mum: You have yellow and blue, deal with it.

The sass on my mother when it comes to watercolours.

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My Mum just shoved this box into my hands when I was dropping the little one off on the way to work and just said “you might like these”

Unexpected watermelon colour tubes!

So I guess that’s what I am doing in the new year.

Me at work: I have never seen this box before, what’s in it?

*opens box*

Ah, a single large chip labeled “lucifer”. It’s 2020, what could possibly go wrong.

Oh linux, I like you but if you keep borking we are going to fall out.

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