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The India England test match being on terrestrial tv at the moment is bringing me a lot of joy in among the weird world at the moment.

We cant afford to pay to watch the cricket on sky and live cricket went off the telly in the 90s some time.

Being able to just turn the telly on and watch a test match takes me back to being a kid and watching it with my Dad, only this time I am the Dad and my kid is watching it with me :)

Little things, big feels.

New favourite porridge:

Oat milk
Chunky dark chocolate
Crumbled ginger biscuit

Reading a bit about how Sphagnum moss forms peat bogs.

I hid a game in the alt text of an image on twitter and it’s almost impossible to find.

I have been invited on a podcast to talk about game design, plants and software.

At some point you will be able to hear my broad accent being pumped into your ears.

Parser for my markup language done! Little tool that converts Lizard syntax to HTML.

Now onto the website builder that uses it.

“for example, an RP2040 SoC in every light switch in your home, not only reacting to basic on/off commands but taking information from sensors and performing on-chip ML to intelligently adjust light levels based on time of day or occupancy”

Or you could just turn the fucking light off when you leave the room.

It’s cold and snowing outside. Go and put food out for the birds.



Is anyone else having problems with notifications from merveilles at the moment?

No notifications are getting through to the toot! app and in the web interface my notifications are permanently stuck at 15.

Woke up late this morning. Not much time!

Got <b>,, <em>, <blockquote> and <img> tags up and running.

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If I ever meet the person who came up with the feature of text editors where it puts a closing bracket or quote mark in for you when you are typing I will challenge them to a duel.

On a cold day we have come indoors to play Rhino Hero. Fun game.

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