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I said I would take March off as a play month. And I think I succeeded!

I was getting a bit bogged down with project I “needed” (wanted) to start working on and was getting tired and drained.

Giving myself a bit of time to just paint, play and be a bit free has made me feel better.

I also bu accident created an esoteric game without intending so that’s a plus.

This month I really do want to create my wiki engine though.

That flurry of absolute confusion about what is going before you realise you have at some point hit the insert key on your keyboard by accident.

I want to eat a pizza in every pizzeria in Italy.

Thats a goal.

The new section on the Manjaro website is a layout nightmare. What the hell were they thinking.

Sometimes while using tmux I press ctrl+b and then dont quite remove my finger from ctrl before pressing o and it really fucks me up for a moment.

Where my stuff go?... Oh, right.

The hardest part of being a parent is that it strips you of yourself for vast quantities of your waking hours. Like you have to be on and perform for the kids even when you feel like you can’t.

Actual me wants to dig the compost in, plant some bits and sit alone at the bottom of the garden for the rest of the day being quiet. Parent me has to turn it into a fun activity, manage tempers, make sure I am always smiles and fun for the kids.

I guess sometimes I just want to be let alone.

So there’s a chilli farm not far from us and they make this Chipotle Jam and it’s like heroine because I can’t stop putting it on everything.

Yesterday I saw this tree with a bit if rope sticking out of it.

At sone point this rope was tied around the young tree, probably to hold it upright, and it was enveloped by the tree. You can still see the line on the bark where the rope was tied.

Because the rope was that blue nylon rope it didn’t weaken over time and the tree couldn’t break it as it grew.

This morning the 3yo made me a bed out of sofa cushions on the floor.


The game is that I have to lie in it while they jump off the sofa onto me.


I am not sure I really have ‘goals’ in life, not properly anyway. I feel more like I’m just entertaining myself while bobbing along.

I started a game jam for Equa! hacks and it already has 2 other games in it!

One cyberpunk hack and one satellite simulator.

Me: wet on wet watercolour look like it should be fun.

Paint: i am freeeeeeeeeee

Me: oh, well that’s that bit of paper then.

Ok, heres the full rule set for Equa! The most minimal and esoteric an rpg ruleset can get.

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