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This mornings game “Mountain”. A game where I curl up and have a blanket put over me. I am then climbed and jumped on.

My poor back!

Compare and contrast with yesterday morning where they sprung out of bed and gave me a hug.

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This morning our kid awoke and was just shouting “I’m awaaaaake!” In bed so I went in to get the day started.

Then our kid said “I wanted mummy, not you” and when I explained Mummy was very tired and still sleeping our kid started to cry and insisted that they wanted Mummy, not me, that Mummy was their favourite, that they don’t like Daddy and so on.

I mean, I know this is just kids being kids but sometimes it feels like a knife in the heart.

I feel like I fell into that flow state where you just don’t realise you are doing the thing which feels familiar.

I swear I sometimes get that while working on software, you just get in the groove and then forget lunch.

I don’t know if it is the same but it felt the same.

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So I did the drawing upside down task in the book. I felt it more doing that, the not thinking about drawing but just drawing what I saw.

Oddly enough in the book she makes a point that often the legs ate the best part because the students don’t know what they are drawing but in mine its the hands and head.

I put this mostly down to me being a big fan of that picture already, I have looked at it a lot before.

Anyway I understood it a bit more from that task I think.

Free yourself from the tyranny of drive letters.

I have long thought that an esp32, SD card, battery, e-ink screen and a couple of buttons would make a fine cheap e-reader.

I mentioned plan9 to my manager in passing and he thinks it sounds interesting and is now heading home to install it on his rpi.

If he doesn’t immediately dismiss it as pointless and instead thinks it’s fun we may well end up working on a load of plan9 projects.

Weirder things have happened, we made an edsac simulator once for fun.

Sometimes I feel like it’s acceptable for people to be fancy as hell with coffee, only wanting freshly ground beans from a certain place cold brewed by an artisan.

If You want to drink only at least half decent loose leaf tea and not whatever is in that supermarket teabag then you get labeled a class traitor.

I did the first exercise in drawing on the right side of the brain where you draw the face vase picture.

You are supposed to have some kind of L/R brain confusion that makes it difficult or confusing to finish. I however just zipped through the task with no confusion at all.

Am I doing it wrong or am I already super plugged into my right brain?

Considering picking up toki pona again, mostly because I want to write a toki pona game. Aldo because I was making good progress and just stopped.

An infinite random dungeon for Equa! where the rooms are represented by code for Logo's turtle.

This just popped up on my youtube suggestions and it’s weird because I used to drink with Bruce quite regularly at one point.

He used to shout “There he is! The robot boy!” (He knew I worked at a place making robot parts) then come and sit and talk about robots, art, music and whatever else with us.

Once, dressed in black, we carried a coffin with a speaker in playing the sound of a bell through the Christmas lights turn on to mourn trees lost to a new development.

Find a pothole in the road and plant a tree in it.

I mean, check out that perfect pentagon in the centre, what a thing of beauty!

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Plants are amazing. Check out this beautiful periwinkle in our hedge!

doodles and drawings thread. 

I’m going to keep this thread as a kind of progress store of my drawing. Starting with this:

Quick line drawing of a vase of daffodils on our windowsill.

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