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Trans Europe Express is the best song, out of all songs.

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It’s absolutely a listen to Kraftwerk kind of evening.

Yes I am aware I have the wrong plane in there. My writing is awfull and I get confused between plane and plain.

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Working on something new for Equa! for a little bit.

I call this setting "The Cartesian Plane"

Ok this is starting to boil my piss now. The estate agent has sent us some property details for a house with an astroturf lawn. Seriously, what the fuck is going on.

I was this many years old when I learned that there was a spoon specifically designed for eating grapefruit.

Proposing calling it mycorrhizal world instead of mycorrhizal network.

Just feels nicer.

Found a patch of, what I think is, White Stonecrop. Going to see if I can take a little cutting and put it in a pot.

Hopefully I’ll be able to divide that again and again to plant out in sunny roadside verges. Produces lots of seeds for birds to eat apparently so the more I can plant the better.

This evening I get to sit down with a glass if whiskey and watch the cricket highlights, and let me tell you; I could not be more excited.

"You begin with a Growth of 0, when you reach 6 Growth you become a mature tree and produce another seed; start the game again to grow another tree, or give this seed to a friend."

Playing this game you can grow a whole forest it would seem.

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I should be working on the deep space balloon racing game but I have been distracted by writing a small game called "You are a fucking tree!"

I am not looking forward to a whole day of trying to get an application notarized again. I sometimes find it hard to believe that any apple developer ever gets anything done among all of the admin.

Whenever I do anything on an apple platform these days I swear I spend more time doing admin trying to get it shipped than I actually do writing the software.

Me: I will simply create a dmg archive so that mac users will be able to download and use this software.

Apple: like hell you will.

This is not my photo by the way. It was found on birdsite and I cant find the person to credit it to. If you know then please pop it in the comments, thanks.

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I think I am abandoning the idea of organizing the rules into appendices. I like the idea of it but there is no way to make it not be an absolute mess. Some ideas, no matter how 'good' just need leaving alone at times.

Instead ill work the info into the game text but try and write it like it is not rules.

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Patats Bravas is the whole deal. Smells, colours and flavours. Yum.

Ok, starting flesh out the actual rules for this deep space balloon racing game in the appendix sections.

It is very slow progress and needs a whole lot of rearranging and refining but at least I am getting an idea of how this thing might well come together.

A very very WIP:

I am going to give very different advice to my kids than my Dad gave me.

My father was very much “get a good career that you know does well so you have something to fall back on” and “you can do all these silly things when you are older, you should be using your youth to make your money.”

I shall be telling my children to use their youth to do all the ‘silly’ projects before you get old, tired and trapped.

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