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If you get to have a double roll, which is basically rolling with advantage, and get a success on both die then you succeed with a little extra spice which is nice.

If you have a 20 in a stat then you crit on a 19 as a 20 is always a fumble.

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Right, there are degrees of success but they are at the discretion of the gm when needed.

Basically works that if you pass a check the closer to your stat you roll the better the success.

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Ok, there’s nothing interesting or surprising about the dice system. It’s a standard d20 roll under. The twist is that rolling equal to your stat is s crit and a 20 is always a fumble.

If your stat is 20 it’s tough luck I suppose.

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Now the actual core rules.

Opening with a description of not using the dice to decide outcome unless it makes sense to.

This little section is really good and makes it clear when to and when not to ask for a roll.

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I think I both love and hate this character sheet design. It looks nice but I don’t think the circular stat block adds anything.

There isn’t anywhere good to write down what’s in your slots either, which can be quite a bit.

It looks great, but usability questions.

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Weapon table is simple enough. Includes a guide as to designing your own weapons but to be honest there’s enough in this table that you could probably just repurpose something.

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I like the simplicity of the equipment weight system. I always thought encumbrance was just a pain to calculate all the time and this just gives you a number of things you can carry.

Heavy objects count as 2 items.

This is better than adding weights.

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Ok, the sportsball is on so lets read a bit more whitehack.

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Earlier the kid was telling me they wanted to be a scientist when they grew up.

Then later they said the same thing while arranging these leaves by size, shape and colour.

“What kind of scientist?” I asked.

“This kind” they said pointing at the leaves.

If I end up raising a botanist I will be very happy indeed.

Mosses often don’t have common names because people don’t care enough.

I’m giving mosses secret common names, only known to me and the moss.

It’s our secret language.

There is no greater feeling as a parent than when you take your kid to the playground and nobody else is there.

I am going to prepare to give BSD a go again, my wifi card should be supported by now.

Earlier my mind went blank and I couldn’t remember what a spoon was called so asked for the “little food spade”.

So thats me today.

What I have been listening to this week (a non exhaustive list):

Wendy Carlos
Hot Water Music
Small Brown Bike
Delia Derbyshire and Martin Hannet
Igor Stravinsky
At The Drive In
King Tubby
Bob Marley
Dizzy Galespie
Venitian Snares

Anyone know what’s up with my aloe?

It’s leaves have just started developing these brown areas on them. They feel a bit gritty.

Here’s the thing I find possibly interesting. Hopefully the shell you input commands into will have rudimentary scripting. Your only going to have access to the standard commands and the spells in your spell book though.

This gives you the opportunity to write scripts that put spells in and out of your spell book as they run to achieve their goal.

This means to run a script you have to go and gather all the necessary things to be able to run it to your location.

Scripts are basically rituals.

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Ok, I have had limited time to work on this recently but this lays out my current thinking on how the adventure game OS would work

I may have accidentally just written a ttrpg that uses scrabble as it’s core resolution mechanic.


Mind you, the thought of creating things specifically to cater to others is not a prospect I think sounds happy.

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