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Mycology is interesting isn’t it. I might look further into it. I read Entangled Life earlier this year, what should I read next?

It’s been bought to my attention that there is a list of ttrpg creators that are friendly or accommodating to the far right, and just being ‘unpolitical’ (haha) is enough to get you on a nazi games safe list, so let me firmly place my stake in the sand.

Racists, Bigots and Fascists are not welcome to play my games at all, you can fuck off.

If you think that is an inflammatory statement then you can also do one.

Abolish the monarchy too, while we are at it.

Made a character background generator for your next ttrpg session.

I needed to do a cover for this adventure I am writing while the little one is sleeping on me and I think I nailed it first time.

Am I going to rewatch all of Wes Andersons films?

Yes, I am.

Starting with Darjeeling Limited.

I am abandoning PDF as a format for all of my ttrpg works with the only exception being producing output for print.

Quite frankly I have never been fond of pdf as a format and it’s usually a shit to read on screens.

I am going to begin trialing html as my main format for stuff with a complementary epub for offline.

Has anyone here ever had any luck with using pandoc to convert html into an epub?

Was the output actually any good?

They built a park and ride here that used to cost £10 a week for a car full of people to commute into the city including weekends.

It was very popular and reduced traffic.

Then it got taken over by private firm and went up to £20 per person per week, weekends not included and they halved the services.

Everyone went back to driving as it was cheaper.

Just caught the end of changing rooms where they were making a big deal about a sustainable table made from recycled chopping boards.

Then they covered it in fake flowers.

Yeet it to the sun.

In her youth my Mum was the punch card operator for a major computer. She also had basic programming skills.

Then she had kids and that was the end of that. Computers feel completely foreign to her now.

There’s a lot made about how computing is easier now. This afternoon she said to me “in my day you just told the thing what to do and it did the thing”. I was trying to show her how to use libre office and windows restarted. Then the wifi broke.

She got out of IT at the right time.

The grandparents took the eldest out for the morning and the baby has been sleeping on me do I did some writing.

Started writing an adventurer for Equa! called “Magical Bastard Place”.

I still don’t have the spoons to write software, too tired, but it’s been nice to write an adventure.

Woke up this morning with a hankering for a pint of Samuel Smiths Old Brewery Pale Ale.

At one point all the pubs here used to carry it but I think there was some fuss as brewery chose to not let it travel far from the brewery in Tadcaster.

Anyhow, not seen it in years, mot even in bottles and I don’t even know if the brewery still exists.

It was what my Dad always brought home a bottle of on a Friday.

There’s a tiny human sleeping on me, I have barely slept at all and I am watching Colombo.

Life is ok.

The lesson I am learning this morning is “link to your stuff on you joke website just incase it goes big”.

I made this two stat generator as a joke, but it’s actually really good at both calling you out and making you feel seen :s

There’s just so much going on and I feel so overwhelmed and over stimulated and over thought.

I just want to go for a long, long walk in the woods by myself, sit in the quiet and look at mosses through my lens.

I can’t do that because I have responsibilities but that’s what I want to do.

But yes, red flag. It’s one of those he could reappear or he could not situations. He is currently living the next street over with his Dad and his wife is still in the house. Been gone about 6 months.

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