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I used to think that the various twigs I see on redwood forest floors came from different species of trees. Then I learned that S. sempervirens will just grow different types of needles when they get big enough to have to deal with multiple climates at once. The needles start off flat and long near the ground and get shorter, thicker, and scalier as it gets warmer and drier higher up.

So these are all from coast redwoods, just from different heights in the trees.

#plants #trees

Our oldest thought it would be a good idea to throw the turmeric around everywhere.

This is yellow house now.

Today's episode of "Weird-Ass Chinese Playing Cards" is going to start dealing with the great grand-daddies of every major form of western playing card including French-suited decks (a.k.a. "standard" playing cards), German-suited decks (a.k.a. the weird ones with the acorns), the myriad of Italian-suited decks, and Spanish-suited decks, not to mention Tarot decks.

(Keep in mind that all claims to the antiquity of Tarot are bullshit. Tarot appeared in the 15th century—as playing cards.)


There is a window half way up the stairs and a street light shines directly through it at night creating a light patch on the wall.

There is a tiny spider that lives on the outside. Goes by the name Henry according to the eldest.

Anyway, Henry casts a bloody big shadow and it scares the bejesus out of me every night.

You know what, I am very picky with horror.

I only like quite, atmospheric ghost stories where you don’t see the ghosts and it’s not full of jump scares; or very old camp vampire movies.

The rest of horror I can quite happily do without, especially gore.

Just give me someone thinking they heard something, but maybe not.

Basically been in my happy place all day watching lines wobble up and down on the scope and now I feel quite relaxed.

The great thing about drawing from M R James stories is that you often find yourself drawing some of the most mundane of things.

I find myself right now drawing carpet rods.


on esper is a channel I have set up for indie ttrpg designers to gather and talk about the more experimental end of ttrpg design.

Tories wearing Tory Scum badges as a way to try and reclaim the word scum instead of reflecting on why a large portion of the population calls you scum.

What is going on in this country.

Day 5:

Oh whistle, and I’ll come to you, my lad.

The whistle and what should look like a little pile of mud.

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If you are a Tory, or ever have been, you are forbidden from playing my games, you absolute ghouls.

We often get bug reports with android devices that we just can’t replicate at all.

I suppose this is what happens with such a fragmented ecosystem.

I really want to like android but all my experience of it is just so frustrating all the time.

I’m not saying it’s a bad system, just that my experience is overwhelmingly marred.

So the Domains Horror Roleplaying System....

After a few years of play CoC and other traditional games... I found them lacking in what we here perceived as a horror story. The main issue was minimal player agency and ways that it handled the horror story aspect. My issue was: it tried to scare the player, not display how the character was scared. Which made me mull a bit about the concepts of horror stories and how the are implemented in various media besides ttrpg.

I have this idea percolating about a solo slice of life journaling about different people, their every dal lives and how they drift in and out of each others lives and form relationships.

Nothing exciting happens, but also the most exciting thing happens.

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