I'm curious how the performance of the NXP i.MX8MQ (the CPU in the MNT Reform) compares to my Core 2 Duo P7550.

Based on's stats, a Raspberry Pi 4 is quite a bit worse (see image) but the MNT Reform CPU has extra M4F cores on top of its A53 cores so I wonder how much of a difference that makes 🤔

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A53 is slower than A72 cores. A7x are out-of-order cores unlike A5x in-order, which better utilizes the inside blocks in parallel.

M4F cores are microcontroller cores, AFAIK you can only talk them through mailbox, not like normal cores.

@subleq It's better than its predecessors, but not great. Most ARM CPUs were literally worse than decade-old x86_64 CPUs until Apple did their thing.

@jbauer I'd be surprised if the M4F cores added any noticeable processing power. AFAIK, they're not even used unless you explicitly offload some microcontroller-amenable workload onto them.

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