@jbauer I doubt rms will be forgotten, but what I find more lamentable is that libre/free open source software predates GNU & FSF by some years (e.g. Cynbe Ru Taren's Citadel) and who remembers the predecessors as widely?

razor1911 was founded 3 days before the FSF was.

Software was ALWAYS destined to be free, whether those who profit off of the sale of such things like it, or not.

@jbauer oh that was lovely, and to be honest, i think the fossbros and the purists are only making lives harder for themselves by stubbornly refusing to use what everyone else uses. sometimes, you have to use the path of least resistance, not for yourself, but for others, even if it means using software such as whatsapp and discord to stay in touch with your friends and family, and using windows/apple in order to do your work to get the job done. there's no two ways about it, sometimes.

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