Disturbing AI-Generated Pikachu Image 

My friend installed Stable Diffusion and was taking prompts for fun. One of our friends said "thicc pikachu" and uhh...


I think I spotted jcs@ in LGR's Vintage Computer Festival video 馃憖


Alt text: "More likely: Click on all the pictures of people who appear disloyal to [name of company or government]"

hurricane joke, probably too soon 

Me too, hurricane, me too.

Oh boy that ain't right

I alt-tabbed to Element and then back to Mastodon and it appears the browser thinks @zens changed her profile pic to the picture of one of the rooms I'm in.

It happens every time I switch back and forth, and then it fixes itself when I hover over it. I love it :angry_laugh:

The library close to us has a bookstore where they sell books for basically nothing ($1-$3). Feli picked up three and I got one, all for $5 total.

This one looked interesting to me, so I picked it up (pictured).

The title translates to: English-Russian General Economic and Foreign Trade Dictionary

It dates to 1972 and was published by the Soviet Encyclopaedia Publishing House.

There were some other really cool old-looking books, but they were about mathematics and I don't enjoy horror.

Linux Packaging Funtimes 

I... I think I'm gonna give OpenBSD another shot on my desktop 馃拃

(I tried removing one or the other, but both will result in the removal of dino, so I think someone messed up in packaging)

I supose that's one good reason not to live in the maritimes 馃槵

Then again, with good preparation and a house not in a valley, it probably isn't too bad.

I'm curious how the performance of the NXP i.MX8MQ (the CPU in the MNT Reform) compares to my Core 2 Duo P7550.

Based on cpubenchmark.net's stats, a Raspberry Pi 4 is quite a bit worse (see image) but the MNT Reform CPU has extra M4F cores on top of its A53 cores so I wonder how much of a difference that makes 馃

This just happened to me:

Same emoji, totally different representation. The first is when I post, the second is when I'm writing my post.

Unicode really didn't get it right when it came to emoji.


Also look at the size of this chonker

5.5lbs, at $2.99/lb that's $16.45 for a kohlrabi

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