Found a local shop that carries the fancy Japanese notebooks I like, so that's c̶o̶o̶l̶ probably going to bankrupt me.

@vertigo I immediately love it when I _need_ to slow down to understand because someone is talking too fast for 2x speed, but just right for 1x speed :D

The biggest problem with watching presentations at 2x speed is that, when returning to normal speed (e.g., on another video), you often find people speak at unbearably slow speed.

This is the exact same effect as learning Morse code at 13wpm or faster, and trying to work someone at 5wpm.

complaining about corporate security 

I think there's a sense that bureaucracy is security? like, if there's lots of rules and lots of people following and enforcing the rules and things happening and meetings being scheduled to talk about the rules and the enforcing of the rules, then it feels like things are getting done and are secure? maybe this is what happens when you get an MBA.

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complaining about corporate security 

@nasser Credential management is the bane of any employee in a corporate environment.

Single sign-on is great for that reason, but expiring credentials means employees are more likely to use simpler passwords and write them down. Having many different accounts means employees are way more likely to re-use passwords or use very simple password variations.

Security teams think they're being smart... but they're not.

@dom If you have an RSS reader, you can also subscribe to channels and have only new videos they post presented to you

Spent the last night in a secluded bay watching an unreal sunset.

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idea: living a modern nomadic life style by creating a mastodon account and migrating it to a new instance every week

Disturbing AI-Generated Pikachu Image 

My friend installed Stable Diffusion and was taking prompts for fun. One of our friends said "thicc pikachu" and uhh...

😬 is shutting down:

Thank you @ashfurrow for all the work you've put in over the years o7

No more signing into services, now you must sing into services.

If your performance is not good enough, you won't be allowed in.

@klardotsh @rek Could also try mini apple pies too! They don't take as long to bake so they might fare better with a worse oven and if it goes wrong that's less apple wasted :>

@faen SourceHut right now is like that, but I'm not sure what extra things you might get in the future when they go to beta/full-release. Right now you get everything at the $2 level as at the $200 level.

@Firelion I have to link to this toot to prove identity to be able to sign up, hence the "announcement" :D

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