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In case anyone is curious, it'd be $332 for:

* i5-6200U
* 120GB SSD
* 1080p Display
* Battery good
* Charger included

But yeah... just don't need *sigh*

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I found a really good deal on a used Dell XPS 13 from ~2016 but I just can't justify purchasing it when my Core 2 Duo machine still does everything I ask of it...

I just... don't need a more powerful laptop

Though I wish this MacBook didn't have Nvidia+Broadcom

"The brain doesn't work the way we like to think it does. More likely than not, the brain is a jumbled mess of neurons firing randomly and in response to external stimuli, more than it is a structured computing device."

Paraphrasing because I forget where I heard this and from whom I heard it, but it stuck with me. It puts forth the notion that we're not really as smart as we think we are and novel thoughts happen in the same way DNA mutations happen: randomly given just the right conditions.

I wrote up my opinion about the Framework laptop with a little rant about the expansion ports people keep raving on about:

Hooray, I've cleared my backlog of things to look at!

Now there are 13 blog posts in the works with some kind of start, more links on my links page, and a much tidier greenhouse :>

For tomorrow:
- Transfer notebook notes to garden
- Read disciplined minds already
- Move framework notes to opinion section
- Make another attempt at that higlighting plugin thing

This is an interesting way of managing passwords:

I'm curious if anyone else here does something similar. I have been considering it more and more especially for those sites I don't really care that much about, and which I need to log into very infrequently.

Then again, the listing of accounts in my password manager is a good reminder of exactly where on the internet I have some kind of an identity.

Everyone started saying “that’s the move” or “that’s not the move” almost overnight. These changes to language are so synchronized.

I’m 100% convinced there are bulk email lists that go out that say things like “FYI: As of tomorrow we’re no long saying swag but will start saying that things are or aren’t a move. Contact your pop culture regional manager if you have questions.”

Okay it's _way_ more complicated than I thought.

Highlighting inside of a paragraph goes fine, as does highlighting already highlighted text.

But if I try to highlight across element boundaries it becomes complicated and that's not even considering how to un-highlight.

At this point it might be simpler to fork that plugin, rip out the analytics, and just use that /o\

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Also, I'm reading more and more of this code and yeah... it's pretty bad. I've clicked on like 5 different functions just to get to the part where actual highlighting of text is done... and then within this part there's a bit where a function is called which then calls another function and all the first function does is set some variables.

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i think most of the things i dont like about canada result from cities not being walkable

Okay it's _way_ simpler than I thought. Lots of online tutorials overcomplicate things, don't really target what I need, or are just plain outdated.

I have a small base that's working now.

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I'm looking at the source code for trying to get an idea of what in the hell I need to do, and half of this code is indirection.

Is this code terrible, is the API convoluted, or both?

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Creating a chrome extension is a lot more of a pain in the ass than I expected.

How hard is it to just execute some javascript on a keypress?

Turns out its literally as simple as:


Now I just have to figure out how to make an extension and how to activate highlighting mode or something like that.

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Although, it uses Google Analytics. According to the privacy policy it doesn't collect any meaininfully identifiable info, but I still don't really want that.

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This one seems reasonable. Though it doesn't allow printing a PDF of the site, at least you can copy all your highlights.

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