I'm at a point (again) where I really don't feel inspired or motivated to work on developing an app. I can't picture myself being satisfied making web and mobile CRUD apps and interfaces for the rest of my career, but it's also the only thing I've really been paid to do for the majority of the past ten years. What do I do you beautiful, artist-souled, computer-wizard merveilles humans?

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@jcmorrow you can always go into teaching other people how to make crud apps for the rest of their careers

@zens I actually like teaching a *lot* and have seriously considered this.

@jcmorrow that's the trap. We work in a well paid industry. I can keep on doing what I do and live a comfortable lifestyle, or I can turn my back on it for a big scary unknown that'll definitely not pay as well.

@oppen Agreed! On top of that, I feel silly for being so privileged and also so discontent. But when I look around the field, I see very few content devs, so I wonder if it's something innate to the field that makes people feel a little empty when they get up for work in the morning.

@jcmorrow I've got some strong opinions on what are supposed best practices in our field. Everything's a mess, everyone's always stressed, and nobody's happy.

@jcmorrow I quit my front-end job and work full time on music now. It's hard, pay less (esp now with covid crisis...), but I have no regrets!

@electret Wowwwww, this is crazy, I'd love to hear more about how you made that transition. Have you had to drastically change your life in order to bring your costs down?

@jcmorrow I've been making music forever, and I was living in London. I had a great salary, but the rent in London is too high so we moved to countryside Belgium (where we come from). We now live in a place that's very cheap. I worked for the same job remotely, so I was able to make really good savings. A bit less than a year later, I quit the job.

@jcmorrow I left the job a month before covid lockdown, so that was pretty terrible for music revenue. All my live shows booking were cancelled. I've had some really stressful/doubting moments in the first few months, but between the support from my wife, the savings, and the projects I'm working on, I know I won't go back. Will take a while to make good money but it will happen eventually :)

@jcmorrow No matter what direction you end up going into, find other people on similar paths, and try to setup regular chats with them (ideally twice a month). Since I started having regular calls with other artists I feel the progress a lot more!

take a break, change perspectives.

Lots of way to use those skills in different contexts that might be more fulfilling.

Focusing on the output and less on the process of building it can help.

@peregrine I've taken vacation and that has helped, but two weeks of vacation only made me feel better for a month or so - not a great ratio! I actually feel a little bit opposite of the outcome vs. process right now though. The product I'm working on is great, we get medication for free or steeply discounted to people who need it. It's meaningful work and I'm glad someone is doing it, but it's also mindless dev work, and it feels like pulling teeth for me. I haven't grown professionally at all.

@jcmorrow Maybe instead of being a generalist you can specialize into a part of your job that brings you more motivation?

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