Finally started reading Finite and Inifinite Games. Two takes:
1) I totally thought this book was about games, did not realize it was a philosophy of... everything.
2) This is a (pun-intended) game-changing way of looking at the world. Holy shit.

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@neauoire @jcmorrow its a good book. I wish the author was less “ted speaker” and more Taleb. But so it goes.

@peregrine do I hear a Slaughterhouse Five reference there...

@awalvie "so it goes" has been my general theme all of 2020

@jcmorrow Hadn't heard of it before you mentioned it, but it looked interesting (and short) enough that I tracked down a copy, and now I'm reading it, too, if you ever feel the need to discuss it.

@lrhodes it seems short, but I find that it's the kind of book that I like to pick up, read a couple of pages, and then just sit and think for a while. So it's been quite a slow read for me (in a good way)! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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