@exquisitecorp I have a question about the Atreus that I can't seem to find any info about. Sometimes when I come back to my computer after walking away it seems like the Atreus is "stuck" in a particular layer. Is that supposed to be a feature (switching layers permanently?) And if so... how do I do it? I don't see anything about changing layers persistently in Chrysalis.


@exquisitecorp I think I have figured it out? I had assumed that the red arrows under H and Y were actually arrows, but they are actually like Layer Up and Layer Down?

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@jcmorrow I’m using a custom layout and haven’t tried stock since I don’t type in QWERTY so I don’t know default layers but yes you can set to either require holding a layer key or it can “latch” and once key pressed it stays in other layer until you press a different key. Try using chrysalis and check out the different options.

@exquisitecorp @jcmorrow oops looks like you’re looking in chrysalis already, I’m on Linux, there’s a drop down menu with all the options when you select a key to remap. You don’t have to change a key but check out all the options you see there. By the way there is alternative Qmk too which some people prefer and is what Phil, creator of that keyboard uses

@exquisitecorp yeah ok I see now that there are maps for "move to layer" and "shift to layer", thanks!

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