Folks... I think I might be done with computers. What should my new career be? Lollipop tester? YouTube white noise channel curator (too tech-related)? What about used-postcard reviewer? I think I'll take anything that resolves me from speaking or hearing the words "rest API" or "technical debt" in a professional setting.

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@jcmorrow I use computers quite a bit and I never heard those words ever. Just stop doing web maybe?

@neauoire Maybe! That was my goal about a year and a half ago, and after a six-month hiatus I ended up doing web again 😦 Maybe it's time to try that transition again, but when I look around, I see very few people working on stuff that feels good to me. You are an exception, I suspect you know that already 😆

@jcmorrow just don't work for anyone, try making the shit that excites you and follow that :D

@neauoire It's a good goal! The current problem with that is I live in the Bay Area (my partner is here), so my fixed expenses are... unwieldy.

@jcmorrow oh.. yeah, that might not be compatible with freedom..

@neauoire @jcmorrow Ding ding! The world is remote now, talk to your partner about lower living expenses. Bay Area prides its self on being the "tech world" but its main product is raising tech debt before being acquired.

@jcmorrow if you're not in the bay area to play that shell game of raising->selling->repeat till rich or working for a FAANG till you can retire, its not worth it.

@peregrine Yeah, I live in the bay but work for a non-profit based in Africa... it's not a great deal, money-wise. I mean, no one who is working in tech can *really* complain about wages when looking around at the hellscape that is late-stage capitalism, but it's certainly not... ahem... ideal.

@jcmorrow makes sense. As a contractor I move between 5-6 projects a year and I find that that team has way more bearing on the work and motivation than the project or tech.

@jcmorrow and I either join bay area projects in the beginning where I need to be careful they don't burn too much money but usually the team is excited/motivated. Or the end when money isn't a problem but the company is on the 3rd or 4th "developer class" and the project is a shitshow.

@peregrine Yeah, I used to float around in VC-funded land and found similar dynamics. I'm mostly grateful to be out of those situations.

@jcmorrow non profits are all over. I need to avoid them financially because I usually do lots of free work because I like the project/people but they have no money.

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