Also, gonna start doing drawabox, and this seemed like a good opportunity to try out futureland!

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@jcmorrow Oh! I've been doing drawabox as well! (Well I've been off the wagon for the past month now, need to tackle the 250 Box Challenge)

@awalvie Nice! Yeah I'm trying to stick with it, I've been on a bit of a roll with starting habits and actually having them stick this year, so 🤞

@jcmorrow out of curiosity, what paper are you using? I have really bad printer paper so I'm looking for something better.

@awalvie Interestingly, the drawabox course implores you to use regular printer paper! I have a nice collection of notebooks (it's a guilty pleasure of mine), but everything for this course I've done just with regular old printer paper that we normally use for note-taking.

@jcmorrow cool! Guess I'll have to find some better quality printer paper then.

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