Finally found a good-enough used guitar for very cheap. I knew I was saving these merveilles stickers for good reason 👍

Been enjoying the 250 box challenge, though it is rather slow 📦

Julia and in particular working with Pluto has been reawakening some maths interest in me. It is certainly not an ideal tool for doing math and art, but I've been enjoying exploring different colorspaces and rendering the mandelbrot at the same time:

I've been taking a music production course, it's been really hard! There's a *lot* of stuff I don't know, and I'm not super happy with what I've made so far, but it's longer and more coherent than anything I've made before, so that's progress!

It's been a couple of days since I've posted a daily. I feel like a bit of a slacker but I've felt really unmotivated recently. Anyways, glad to feel like I had a second of inspiration today:

This is a riff on a /r/generative post from a few days ago.

Been having fun playing around with automata rules on a hexagonal grid in rust

Code and more output at


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