@neauoire I'm going to be off the grid for the next month, but when I come back, I would be interested! (no experience really, other than doing some very basic DSP in Rust).

@jameschip Yeah, I really love meditating with others, it's something I miss.

@jameschip I've been doing the Waking Up App nearly every day this year, and even without ambient music, it's pretty remarkable how different unguided meditation feels. It's funny to me that it makes such a difference - just to have someone talking occasionally vs. not.

Also, it is immensely difficult to get photos from my iPhone to my Macbook. My Macbook is old enough (read: 5 years) that AirDrop doesn't work on it anymore. And even with Dropbox, it's actually still pretty difficult (took me about 5 minutes maybe?). It's pretty amazing that that is still not a perfectly convenient operation to plonk some bits from one device to another.

Been enjoying the 250 box challenge, though it is rather slow πŸ“¦

@neauoire So uxn is released now?! That's awesome! Congrats!

@mario_afk As someone who has done a lot of React and a little threejs, this looks awesome! Much better than A-frame, which was the last thing I saw that seemed sort of like this. Out of curiosity, what does the `fiber` in react-three-fiber mean?

@oppen Congrats! I assume this means a new company, not a new job at the same place?

@knights OMG these are so cool! I'm glad I asked, thanks!

@knights Huge fan of any consistent style, even if it's not exactly mine πŸ˜† That keyboard wrist rest is awesome! Where is it from?

@mario_afk I've been enjoying watching Jorbs stream it as well. It's fun to see how much skill can be involved (as compared to how I play it πŸ˜… )

@neauoire Ahhhh that makes a ton of sense. Thanks for sharing!

@neauoire Where do you find these backgrounds from? πŸ˜† It feels like every screenshot you've ever posted has a different amazing background!

@awalvie Gotchya. Well, I want to make a recommendation, but first I want to clarify: there is no way to do this without having assumptions about the world. So, while you can make your own thoughts perfectly *consistent* that won't make them *true*. Anyways, there are rationalist communities at lesswrong.com and slatestarcodex.com that I think provide some valuable examples of consistent thinking extended pretty far.

@awalvie What type of decisions/thinking are you trying to improve? For instance, are you more interested in improving at drawing conclusions from observations, or picking out inconsistencies in your own prioritization/decision-making, or something else entirely?

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