@glyph That co-op looks awesome. I did this conversion a few times on older frames when I was in college, good luck and please post your progress! Also, if you haven't seen it already, Sheldon has always been my online bike reference: sheldonbrown.com/

@rek @neauoire Wow, ok, that is very helpful, thank you both 🙏 I'll let you know how it goes!

@rek @neauoire Yeah, I would definitely rather not have the keel come loose 😆 . I have a significant amount of sailing experience through Cal Sailing Club, although all in the Bay (which is also what this boat would be for). Any clue how I could tell if the hull is in good shape without an actual haul-out? (I'm pretty sure the answer to that is no but I figured I would ask)

@neauoire @rek Wow yeah I *definitely* would not have known that 😆 . Thank you!

@neauoire Ah, thanks for the honest advice. What was the red flag for you?

@neauoire :) It's a 1975 Hunter 25'. I checked Yacht World, there's two comparable boats on there, one for around 8K and one for around 2,500 (which is also what these folks are asking for). It just got a new main sail, it needs a new anchor and eventually a new jib. It also comes with a slip at the Berkeley marina, which is normally quite hard to get.

@neauoire some acquaintances are moving back to Europe and selling their 25' sailboat. I'm going to go see it on Thursday, maybe have a quick sail around the bay. It wouldn't be a live-aboard for me, but I think it might be good experience, as I've never owned my own boat before. Do you have anything in particular you think I should contemplate/questions to ask myself or them?

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"We're Cody and Jody, the brother and sister creative team behind Kicks Condor. We work out of Facebook Labs, prototyping future personalities that can capture the public's imagination, much in the same way that Disney characters and comic book characters provided archetypes in the past."


pls let this be an elaborate joke

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@Erjaeger Game of life is excellent. The most straight-forward implementation has some nice gotchya's and quick wins for efficiency, and you can dive as deep as you want into making it faster (there are some *insanely* fast life simulations out there). Also, in a similar vein, I had fun making a Second Order Cellular Automata tool last year: automata.jcmorrow.com/

@thomasorus This hit me hard, thanks for the share! Is there like a anti-tech-as-post-modernism-backlash reading list somewhere?

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« Today’s tech industry really is a triumph of the postmodern work ethic. No one cares about your product; we care about your adoption. No one cares about what your technology does; we care about what problems it solves for users, and how fast you can grow. The first commandment of tech is Build Stuff People Want. » alexdanco.com/2020/02/20/progr

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This beautifully summarizes the essence of failure of the schooling system I grew up in.

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cd ~/Pictures && mkdir blurrybackgrounds && for i in *.jpg *.JPG *.png *.PNG ; do out=$(uuidgen).jpg ; convert -quality 75 "$i" -strip -auto-orient -resize 4x4 -resize 1920x1080\! "blurrybackgrounds/${out}" ; done # Use your photos and images to make nebulous backgrounds.

@electret That's awesome! Btw, I think your bandcamp link in your profile needs updating! 🎵

@smerp I think I know that spot! I framed your art today, it looks great!

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