@whtrbt @neauoire Yep, sorry, I've never published on itch before. I was still in draft mode! Thanks!

Well, I'm a little embarrassed at how much of the stuff I tried ended up going into the final product, but I think it's *something* like what I originally had in mind!


@dethe Not sure if you've caught this, but at least in this version there's an error on line 12 - missing a `to` between `dragSpeed` and `0`

@l3kn This is so great. I'm reading through the main script and it's so clever!

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Finished my entry. I had so much fun! Incredible to discover a whole new world...I feel like I learned so much (I didn't even know about HyperCard before a week ago?!).

Definitely going to add to hyphalfusion in the future - still so many ideas to explore.

Huge thanks to all who have participated, helped and offered encouragement 🖤


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Has anyone figured out how to get a script from a field and execute it? I know I've seen an example somewhere, but can't find it.

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@cancel @neauoire @jcmorrow it works, you just gotta set the user level to 5 in the openStack handler of your stack

I was feeling a little hand-cuffed by the emulator setup that comes with the jam instructions so I downloaded a Mac 9 emulator from jamesfriend.com.au/running-hyp and it just worked out of the box!

@cancel @neauoire Yeah, I'm sure changing the user level will work, wasn't sure if that was allowed for final works? I'd hate to make something that just didn't work 😆

@neauoire Using the `Viewer Only` emulator that came with the jam instructions errors on stuff like ` choose spray can tool
` because the viewer doesn't have modification access I think?

So, because the viewer doesn't have access to modification, we can't write HyperTalk that draws with the drawing tools right? What are people doing for interactivity? Just hiding and showing stuff? What ways do we have to manipulate things that the viewer can handle?

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milo is one of my favorite lyricists right now, everything he writes is so intelligent and masterfully crafted, check this album: afrolab9000.bandcamp.com/album

@y0x3y Whoops, sorry about that, I've just made the repo public 👍

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