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I am currently working on HEAVY WIZARDRY - a tabletop rolepleying game about digital direct action and activism in a dystopian world. You play as virtual reality hackers hindering corporations to better your community.

The game is a thinly veiled critique of late stage capitalism, with an antidesign and an arcane 80s/early 90s computing aesthetic.

I hope to have it done and printed as a in May.

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if agency is the ability to interrupt automatized behavior, then rewiring the computer means acquiring agency in a computer system

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I'm a programmer interested in using computers creatively. I make things both visual and audio. To that end, I'm serious about tooling, and I'm always looking for ways to make my tools feel more like an extension of my mind. Other things that interest me are:

- Cellular automata and the nature of time
- Design Patterns (and really everything Christopher Alexander has ever done)
- Distributed systems and how they reflect the basic challenges of reality
- Sustainability/human-powered transit

"Every year the computer companies have to convince you that this year's version of software has features in it that you simply can't live without, even though you have lived without them all your life up to now." - Don Norman, The Invisible Computer

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"Once a single device can do two things, log and behold, a third must be added: some way to inform the device which task is to be performed, and which is to be interrupted, or resumed." - Don Norman, Invisible Computer

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If anyone needs specific uni textbooks, please send me a dm or email (boosts appreciated)

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One thing that Ahrens mentions is that Luhman (the inspiration for Zettelkasten) was able to be highly productive with his system because every piece of information was embedded in the context needed to make it meaningful. I'm not sure that the current thinking systems I've seen give me that context. They certainly make one or two linked pieces of information slightly closer to hand, but I'm not sure that's the same thing.

I have new books to read!

- The Invisible Computer by Donald Norman (thanks @theruran)
- Thinking Forth by Leo Brodie
- How to Take Smart Notes by Sönke Ahrens (revisiting this one)

It's been a fun day of researching! I have:
- Installed a TiddlyWiki on my personal site to try out
- Updated my "The Archive" app and got it more fit for using again
- Set up archive notes into a private git repo
- Wrote a short ruby script to add "backlinks" to cards, to better explore chains in both directions, rather than just going from parents to children

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me while merveilles is realizing our OS and software is bad

I just want to say how grateful I am to be a part of this community. I occasionally post something here wondering if anyone else will understand where I am coming from, and am completely delighted to see how it resonates with the folks here, and the time they take to share their responses. Thanks, Merveillians, you make me believe in the internet again.

I want game developers to have a lot of flexibility in what they create and how they use the system resources - where as I would love it if my banking software was only able to do very transparent text operations. I want to be able to read anything on the internet, but I don't want most things to run executable code on my machine. Sure, you can configure your web browser to work this way sort of, but it takes a considerable amount of effort and vigilance.

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The more I think about it, the more crazy it seems that there are pieces of software like web browsers and operating systems that are supposed to support use cases as diverse as a user playing games and doing online banking.

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@neauoire have you done any more thinking/writing about one-multi-purpose-device vs. many-single-purpose-devices? It's something I've been thinking about more lately. The many-devices approach works well with having simple tools, and I'm starting to think it's also the only reasonable solution to actually being able to trust the security of your tech.

Well, I'm a little embarrassed at how much of the stuff I tried ended up going into the final product, but I think it's *something* like what I originally had in mind!

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