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Need help finding some #n64 #emulation trivia about #OOT. It was some graphic I found on twitter that showed how the devs took advantage of the peculiar texture interpolation method used on the n64 to make textures with crisp straight lines. Really cool bit of trivia. Wish I had saved it.

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For those crazy enough to try:

Don't build a workstation, build an ecosystem.

Scope aggressively and specialize. Learn to say no. Less is more.

GUIs are a black hole of productivity, don't sucked into them.

Make sure offline rendering happens on day one.

Do NOT multi-thread the audio rendering component.

Choose standards you intend to support very, very carefully.

Question every DAW design pattern or paradigm. Don't ever do anything by default.

Make sure everything can work headless or without a GUI.

Emphasize extendability. When in doubt, just build a canvas.

Manage your dependencies. Don't go crazy with packages.

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Hey Merveilles! A while back I bought some stickers, and I have 98 to distribute to other folks in Merveilles. Shipping from the US to other countries is somewhat limited, and they will be delayed, but if you would like to get a Merveilles sticker please fave this post and DM me your address!

I'm limiting this to folks who are currently on or have previously been on Merveilles sites (slack, masto, etc). I can't ship to some countries through USPS, here's more info:

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So to you, Friend, I confide my secret:
to be a discoverer you hold close whatever
you find, and after a while you decide
what it is. Then, secure in where you have been,
you turn to the open sea and let go.

- William Stafford

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Tomorrow will have an island. Before night
I always find it. Then on to the next island.
These places hidden in the day separate
and come forward if you beckon.
But you have to know they are there before they exist.

Some time there will be a tomorrow without any island.
So far, I haven’t let that happen, but after
I’m gone others may become faithless and careless.
Before them will tumble the wide unbroken sea,
and without any hope they will stare at the horizon.

It's been a couple of days since I've posted a daily. I feel like a bit of a slacker but I've felt really unmotivated recently. Anyways, glad to feel like I had a second of inspiration today:

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training a quick neural network to predict where to add poetic line breaks in text, based on a large corpus of public domain poetry and taking into account phonetics and semantics. the goal is to be able to enjamb prose passages in a somewhat principled way—after just a handful of epochs, here's what it does to a passage on hyacinths from wikipedia:

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Sound, Image and Interaction Design Symposium (SIIDS) 2020 Call for Participation (paper and art tracks):

Funchal, Madeira (Portugal), September 4, 2020

Possibility of online participation

Deadline for submissions: June 26, 2020

For further details access

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Fractal landscape - Mandelbrot as a height map.

Made by importing a Mandelbrot image as a height map and rendered in Avoyd's voxel editor.

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I love this place. I'm so happy the fediverse is a thing. Thank you all.

I enjoyed "A satisfactory solution to the division of responsibility question remains to be found, which is in my opinion an important obstacle on the way to malleable systems for everyone. A good solution is likely to contain technical measures, such as sandboxes for constraining execution, or content-addressed storage to replace mutable file systems. But it will also have to contain social measures for establishing trust in software components."

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Feeling very stimulated and wondering if last thread ( warrants some community organizing.

I am considering to start a newsletter on the topic, should there be enough interest to warrant that. If you would like to receive a sporadic newsletter on the topic, please send an email to:

s+lowtech at s-ol dot nu

Disclaimer: I will retain your email for this purpose until I receive a removal request. I won't share your data with anyone (other than my email provider Migadu).

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Last night, doing some GLSL experiements w/ KIFS and some post processing, and music from modular synths (Peaks(drums)/Braids/Clouds)

I need help finding a white paper that I had seen a few weeks ago (it was older than that) but forgot to download. It's about a graphical live-coding tool where, rather than constantly evaluating code and rendering the result, you could also tweak the result with a photoshop-like tool and it would attempt to update your code to output that image. Anybody know what I'm talking about?

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So I feel like everyone is reallll fed up with the status quo of digital electronics regarding efficiency, simplicity, learnability, (list probably goes on).

I have two questions on my mind:

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I am currently working on HEAVY WIZARDRY - a tabletop rolepleying game about digital direct action and activism in a dystopian world. You play as virtual reality hackers hindering corporations to better your community.

The game is a thinly veiled critique of late stage capitalism, with an antidesign and an arcane 80s/early 90s computing aesthetic.

I hope to have it done and printed as a in May.

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if agency is the ability to interrupt automatized behavior, then rewiring the computer means acquiring agency in a computer system

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