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The word "bear" is thought to be the oldest known euphemism. It originated as as alternative to saying the true, taboo name of the animal, when it was thought that saying this name could summon the creature's wrath. The leading theory about the word's origin is that it derived from the proto-indo-european ǵʰwḗr, meaning wild animal.

The real word for bear derives from the proto-indo-european h₂ŕ̥tḱos. From this, we get the ancient greek ἄρκτος (árktos). Because Ursa Major (the bear-like constellation) is towards the north, it's from this root that we get "arctic", which basically means "land of the bears".

Speaking of Ursa, that's also derived from the proto-indo-european word for bear, h₂ŕ̥tḱos. It became orssos in proto-italic and ursus in Latin.

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Typing on my new Atreus keyboard. Might change more bottom keycap colors. Happy with the keyboard so far, tho it’s only been two hours.

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It blows my mind that the standard way to sequence a string quartet basically involves getting a computer to believe they are a piano believing they are a stringed instrument.

There's at least one step that should be removed from that process.

Why do we call the rise/fall of a signal over time an "envelope" in DSP? I don't see a clear analogy there.

rereading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. It's comforting to be reminded that time is not nearly as accelerated as it sometimes feels these days. Pirsig's thoughts feel timeless to me, and the questions he poses are the sort that can't be answered as much as basked in, or lived. It's a nice feeling.

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@jcmorrow Partly interested in creating my own audio production tools and instruments. Only have experience with JS so far but not really interested in Electron right now and don't want to be stuck in the browser either.

And partly to try something new and challenging. I haven't done much structured learning in the past couple of months and need a new topic to help fill some hours of the day.

@paul I'm kind of curious about VST development, it seems like a fun way to get into some DSP stuff. Should I just start going through JUCE tutorials? You seem like you would have opinions here.

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i think my advice to new software developers is: don't

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Look the web is great, we have just lost track of the important bits and ceded a bit too much control to Google.

The web we lost is still here, thriving on the fediverse and hosted on personal servers. The fact we even know about and trivially use Plan9 is a testament to that.

Browsers are largely open source google/netscape/apple wanted to sell ads, servers and laptops. But got distracted with ads. You can still build webkit, we can still build chromium, we can still build firefox.

I've been taking a music production course, it's been really hard! There's a *lot* of stuff I don't know, and I'm not super happy with what I've made so far, but it's longer and more coherent than anything I've made before, so that's progress!

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10 modern layouts that show off how powerful a single CSS rule can be - By Una Kravets

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Happy with how this one turned out.

Pretty soon I'll start composing sketches with background elements. I think that will help bring them to life.

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Every wanted to know how a table-lookup oscillator works? Here's a classic design of one, written as a literate program. It is a full implementation that outputs to portable ANSI-C code:

#literateprogramming #computermusic

Our HyperJam way back when sort of broke my brain, or at least my brain's relationship to computing. I started wondering why it's so hard to harness the computing power that we theoretically have at our fingertips, even decades after an elegant tool like HyperCard was born. I've been really enjoying and it's got me excited about computing again.

Hey music folks (maybe @paul?): What's the best software for editing MIDI files? I want to change the key that a song is in, but I'm also just curious because I haven't found any that are built for mac

@somnius I just got the Merveilles swag and your awesome note, thank you! You're the best!

"The first argument is that software development should be based on scientific manners, and so should employ procedures similar to scientific methods.The flaw of this argument is the assumption that there is such a thing as scientific method and that it is helpful to scientists."

- Peter Nauer, Programming as Theory Building

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Need help finding some #n64 #emulation trivia about #OOT. It was some graphic I found on twitter that showed how the devs took advantage of the peculiar texture interpolation method used on the n64 to make textures with crisp straight lines. Really cool bit of trivia. Wish I had saved it.

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For those crazy enough to try:

Don't build a workstation, build an ecosystem.

Scope aggressively and specialize. Learn to say no. Less is more.

GUIs are a black hole of productivity, don't sucked into them.

Make sure offline rendering happens on day one.

Do NOT multi-thread the audio rendering component.

Choose standards you intend to support very, very carefully.

Question every DAW design pattern or paradigm. Don't ever do anything by default.

Make sure everything can work headless or without a GUI.

Emphasize extendability. When in doubt, just build a canvas.

Manage your dependencies. Don't go crazy with packages.

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