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Julia and in particular working with Pluto has been reawakening some maths interest in me. It is certainly not an ideal tool for doing math and art, but I've been enjoying exploring different colorspaces and rendering the mandelbrot at the same time:

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@jcmorrow We'll see you next time, mate! Next meetup will be at a better time for y'all in the US/Canada :D

Hey book club folks, sorry but it's been a long day and it's my bed-time. I will be sad to miss the discussion, but can perhaps post some thoughts on Omelas on here this week. Looking forward to future book chats!

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Loft windows. Look closely, it’s all just a grid, like graph paper. Fountain pen on heavy paper.

Folks... I think I might be done with computers. What should my new career be? Lollipop tester? YouTube white noise channel curator (too tech-related)? What about used-postcard reviewer? I think I'll take anything that resolves me from speaking or hearing the words "rest API" or "technical debt" in a professional setting.

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Can I ask interested people to send me via DM their email address and timezone where they're living, so that I can message them? Invite open to everyone, ofc :D

I guess I'll find a more elegant solution in the future, but I think this is the simplest thing we can do.

cc those that previously interacted with me about this: @claudiii @jcmorrow @exquisitecorp @mvp @whtrbt @xsova @cblgh @neauoire @rek @cancel @thomasorus @csepp @chotrin @tendigits @instrud @gentil @jrc03c @jameschip @nx

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Only a few brave (or organised? :evil_grin:) souls at the Book Club meeting today - we decided to call it for today to see if we can get a bit more participation... But this time I'll be a bit more direct :D

We'll try to meet again in one week, on January 10th - I'd say same time, using the same logic as today: it's a bit inconvenient for everyone, but at least all can participate with a bit of effort (waking up earlier, or going to bed later)

So, J has been a trip. I never want to make anything that actually *matters* in it, but it's been mind-bending to learn. Today, I started going through using Julia, and I have to say, Julia is *amazing*.

> ​Before APL was called APL, it was called “Iverson notation”. Ken mused that it should be called simply “the notation”. After all, we don’t say “God’s grass”, just “the grass”.

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Gentle walks and bicycle rides have been such a soothing balm for me this year 🖤

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Is it possible that merveilles makes people unemployable.. 🤔

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I spent more than 1/6th of the year at sea this year, I had plenty of time to read, more than any other year before.

Here's my reading list for 2020:

I got today's part one first on the merv aoc leaderboard and I did it in J!!! (1135 overall)

day 14 felt like it should have been super terse in J, but it ended up being my longest day yet in terms of lines!

Still haven't finished part two of yesterday's AoC, but I learned a lot about J from it. Today's was... very ugly. Lots of brute forcing my way through affine transformations. For example:

turn =: dyad : '((>(4|x){ (0 1;1 0;0 1;1 0)) { y) * (>(4|x){ (1 1;_1 1;_1 _1;1 _1))'

That is not elegant 😂

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But he did not understand the price. Mortals never do. They only see the prize, their heart's desire, their dream... but the price of getting what you want is getting what you once wanted.

- Morpheus, The Sandman

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