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An ever-changing list of books I want to read, those I'm currently reading and those I've already read, starting from this year:

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Hola! I'm Jere, an engineering student from Argentina. I'm trying to lead a da Vincian life, focusing on art & science. Right now I'm going through a phase focused mostly on learning, so my ready-to-share output is fairly low. That should change as time passes.

Things I'm learning: engineering, programming, physics, jazz piano, martial arts, philosophy, literature.

Thanks for having me!

A lot of my dreams involve forgetting something important somewhere that's far away, and having to go back for it against the clock and worried

The streets are pretty much empty around here. This must be a small breath of fresh air for the planet.

This quarantine has taught me:
A) how to buy groceries properly
B) that it's not the system's fault that I can't do what I want, I'm just disorganized

We're having 'online classes'* now and I really can't see how they are going to convince us to go back to regular classes after we've seen how much better this is, once the quarantine is over

*: Really just reading stuff on our own and asking questions on forums

A bit of Argentinian flok music from my childhood to start the day 😊

"Joy is not going to be making ten million dollars, joy is going to be a drink with a friend. Joy is going to be a meal that turns out okay. Joy is going to be a day at the end of which no one's died, there's been no crisis, it's been more or less all right. Love is not going to be perfection, love is going to be ocationally hand-held somebody who understands bits of you, never the whole of you but has charity towards your darkest moments"

One of the unexpected side effects that using Duck Duck Go has had is that the result tend to be so unrelated, that I've learned to RTFM

Wish there was* a game like Blasphemous for the 3DS

* I actually wish I could make a game like Blasphemous, but I'm trying not to start any new project and focus on perfecting some skills instead (and it ain't working lol)

A pretty Jungian approach to self-discipline, that does explain why I can workout for hours even when I don't feel like it, but can't do the same when studying. I'll try to apply it and see if I can make it work ^_^

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Can't wait to have my fixie 😀 YouTube's been feeding my hotline videos and am hyped af

In case anyone is into racing sims, this channel has some diy videos that I thought are pretty cool. For those, like me, who are not into them, the builds are still worth watching for ideas/inspiration/satisfaction (that attention to detail is when_the_sun_hits_that_ridge_just_right.jpg)

"The best advice we give programmers is to leave things better than how they started. We do it with code, why don’t we do it with communities? Why don’t we do it with people, colleagues, friends?"

It's still is a fun read, though (for like the first time ever) I prefer the movie

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She could have decided to help him as a way to thank him for saving her without the whole the-two-of-them-falling-in-love-in-the-4-days-they-shared-a-hotel-room scene

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I'm counting Jason Bourne and Marie St. Jaques romance as a plot hole

I'm 12 minutes in and I can't stop wondering if the director of Premium Rush ever interacted with real people

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