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An ever-changing list of books I want to read, those I'm currently reading and those I've already read, starting from this year:

I've decided to quit social media (mastodon included) for an indefinite period of time. Among other things, I'm trying to go even deeper on my Deep Year and purge/change some thought patterns I've picked up over years of trying to fit in virtually.

I'll come back once I feel I have something genuine to say. Until then: take care of yourselves and others, and keep making the world a more interesting place :)


If aliens are intercepting and decoding our internet and television traffic it's no wonder they haven't visited us yet

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Is it just me, or a lot of self-help books written by millennials have at least one part where they reference the writing of the book itself?

Maybe I should start putting my hacking where my mouth is

Imagine being a billion-dollar company and the only change you enact in the world to "fight racism" is changing three words from your codebase...

I find Dorohedoro (the anime) very aesthetically pleasing. Not sure about the plot yet, but the suspense is also nice.

First time in my life I rode on the streets (there were almost no cars). Was a bit scary, but I truly enjoyed that. It's also the first time in about 4 months that I sweat (and used my legs muscles lol)

Now excuse me while I take a 4 hour nap 👻

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I don't even know what I feel right now lol. I need to finish some school work so I can go ride my bike for a bit and reset

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concept: get on my lawn software.
a software design philosophy that believes good software ages like a fine wine. it shuns trends and salesmen disguised as programmers, shuns the fancy new framework. instead, gomls curates quality old software like a carefully tended forest. software that has stood the test of time, and, though it seems antiquated, it’s as robust as cast iron anvil.

Glad GitHub did a bunch of s/master/main/g so they can continue to happily cash their checks from ICE, knowing they made the world a better place for minorities :)

I'm overthinking this joke way too much for how bad it is lol

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Smart people of the fediverse: what do you do when tackling an essay/book/subject that you don't understand (either bc it's something new to you, or bc it's something truly complicated)?

like, why would

db.collection.updateMany( <query>, { $rename: { <fieldname>: <newname> } } )

be preferred over

db.collection.rename( <query>, { <fieldname>: <newname> }, {multi: true} )

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Maybe it's because I'm not used to javascript, but MongoDB update syntax is too weird for me

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