Extremely humble and human master

Katsuya Terada - life drawing

@jere I bought his last book, which contains real size reproduction of parts of his murals. It's amazing to read:

@thomasorus it looks beautiful! Wish I could get it, it seems totally worth it

@jere it’s 35 dollars, so very accessible for an art book. Once il this mess is over you might be able to grab it!

@jere terribly inspiring, I left drawing a while back, after this I must pick my pen again. Thank you for sharing!!!

@inkrunner glad it inspired you as much as it did me! He and Kim Jung Gi are the ones pushing me to learning to draw. Their level of skills is just... So captivating for a beginner

@jere Indeed! I had dropped my pen for years now… yet, watching them draw with so much confidence and passion fires my passion to draw again. Thank you so much for having shared it!

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