A recent exploration on documentation + paragraph and code block search.

I wish I was more useful to more people.

The new loader on this town looks nice!

"From Rusticus I received the impression that my character required improvement and discipline; and from him I learned not to be led astray to sophistic emulation, nor to writing on speculative matters, nor to delivering little hortatory orations, nor to showing myself off as a man who practises much discipline, or does benevolent acts in order to make a display"


@ian is on fire with the retweets on twitter

Kilm Type Foundry just gifted me Maelstrom and I'm trying to figure out how I want to use it.

Here is a good review of the font: fontreviewjournal.com/maelstro

@neauoire maybe we must move beyond heaven and hell, because both are chains to shackle us.

one of my old abandoned mocks

+ codepen but for mobile code
+ web based IDE
+ web based debug

Hey folks,

I have invites to render.com and I think the web service & database hosting will be superior to Heroku/Zeit in the long term (and more affordable).

Let me know if you guys want an invite. I'll also write a tutorial for writing your first web service in the near future (host agnostic).

BTW whenever I share this people think I'm far more intelligent than I really am


Was playing 7th Saga on a jailbroken SuperNT last night.


For other people to use your creations, there are external factors.

But the reason why you create should be based on your principles and values, don't let the ephemeral opinions take you to a lost place.

If you embody your principles and values, your work will be appreciated. One meaningful connection can be worth everything.

Is there any way to increase the word limit 2x? That way I don't have to move convos to other platforms. I tend to word vomit when I get excited :/

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