I hope you are all well today, this moment in time is great for introspection, reading, and creating.

A recent exploration on documentation + paragraph and code block search.

I wish I was more useful to more people.

The new loader on this town looks nice!

"From Rusticus I received the impression that my character required improvement and discipline; and from him I learned not to be led astray to sophistic emulation, nor to writing on speculative matters, nor to delivering little hortatory orations, nor to showing myself off as a man who practises much discipline, or does benevolent acts in order to make a display"


@ian is on fire with the retweets on twitter

Kilm Type Foundry just gifted me Maelstrom and I'm trying to figure out how I want to use it.

Here is a good review of the font: fontreviewjournal.com/maelstro

@neauoire maybe we must move beyond heaven and hell, because both are chains to shackle us.

one of my old abandoned mocks

+ codepen but for mobile code
+ web based IDE
+ web based debug

Hey folks,

I have invites to render.com and I think the web service & database hosting will be superior to Heroku/Zeit in the long term (and more affordable).

Let me know if you guys want an invite. I'll also write a tutorial for writing your first web service in the near future (host agnostic).

BTW whenever I share this people think I'm far more intelligent than I really am


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