Is there any music player out there for linux that can edit tags on music files, and at the same time update file names and directories automatically to reflect the new tags? (and I guess update playlists accordingly)

This toot ( ) from @neauoire made me starting to think about getting a dedicated portable music player again. I miss the old non-phone music player days.

Do you people have any recommendations? What is your favorite non-phone portable music player out there?

I've gone through a lot of todo apps and systems throughout the years and I've never really been happy with any of them. Tempted to write my own. What would you want to see in your dream todo application/system?

Idea. I have heard some amazing music made by you fellow Merveillians. Would be really fun to collect some of our best tracks together for a playlist/mixtape. Thoughts?

@amatecha Wherever I go, you seem to be there too (and the other way around also). This is starting to get creepy ;)

Two things i have noticed so far.

The trackpad two finger scrolling seems to not be working even if it is selected. Oddly enough this was working back in Ubuntu 18.04 on this devices as far as I know.

Epiphany is having a lot of trouble viewing websites. I just get blank white page a lot of times. :/

There are some things that do annoy me though. But maybe it's just because I am used to things working differently in vanilla Gnome. I'll stick to this for a few days and see how it goes.

Elementary OS was the first Linux distro I started on back in 2013 when I switched fully over after two decades on Mac. I really liked it but there were some things that annoyed me and I ended up on with Ubuntu as my daily driver for my last 7 years. Given the fact how popular Elementary OS seems to be here on Merveilles I decided to give it another try. I really like how it has evolved, and it truly is beautiful.

# 3. Defeat my anxiety disorder

In 2019 I was diagnosed with a pretty bad anxiety disorder. I have been fighting it now for several months and have come a long way since mid 2019. But there is still much to be done. I don't know what the next steps will be, but I will keep on fighting.

# 2. Increase my nothing time

I spend most of my time in front of the computer and often I am not using it in a very efficient manner, nor in a way I enjoy to be honest. A lot of time is spent mindlessly browsing the web. I am hoping to reduce this, and increase thoughtful media consumption. Play good games instead of mindlessly wander online. Watch a good movie instead of random youtube videos. Do the stuff I truly enjoy instead of allowing my brain to pick the low hanging fruit.

# 1. Reduce my carbon footprint

- Reduce meat / animal produce consumption. At the very least go fully vegan for the month of January and see how it goes.
- Replace my car with an electric car
- Reduce food waste
- Eat more local (Given my location, this will prove to be quite tricky)

2020 Goals

These are three core focuses I will be aiming for in 2020, and I want to talk about them in this thread.

1. Reduce my carbon footprint
2. Increase my nothing time
3. Defeat my anxiety disorder

- 15 music albums released
- 8+ video games made
- Made a game that was nominated for GOTY at the Swedish Game Awards
- Moved to Kollafoss farm
- Started the record label Þ Kollektiv
- Started Kollafoss Game Farm
- Started Kollafoss Gamedev Residency
- Hosted Isolation Game Jam 6 times
- Taught kids game dev
- Got a BA degree in gamedev/sound design
- Got my first proper job in the gamedev industry
- Met my significant other
- Welcomed my beautiful daughter into this world

Homemade vegan wellington steak for christmas dinner. It was amazing.

Fun fact, you now need an Xbox Live account to play Solitaire and FreeCell on Win10.

"Websites downloading 50Mb of data and making hundreds of requests to serve 6Kb worth of text."

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