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PSA: If any s are traveling around north iceland you are more than welcome to drop by and visit me at kollafoss
Game Farm for a cup of coffee and some gamedev chat. We are only 15 minute drive from the ring road.

Is there anything like the "slow food" concept, but for computing? "slow computing" maybe?

"Democracy 3 steam players have logged roughly 2.39 million hours. Assuming 200w PC power usage, thats 479,000 kwh of power. Thats approx 143t of CO2 using UK grid. if I code 10% more efficiently, it would save equiv 14 tons, roughly 4 return trips from uk->san fran."

Reminder, podcasts are just an rss feed with links to audio files.

Not an app. Not some walled ecosystem.

What is a good tool out there to benchmark/audit/check websites? Be it accessability, speed, correct syntax, etc...

My daughter saw a photo of William S. Burroughs and said "grandpa!".

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Farm Hack. A worldwide community of farmers that build and modify their own tools

I can't use my usual web browsing habits on my RPi. If I open more than ~3 tabs, it locks up. And this isn't because the RPi sucks; it's because the modern web is a fat, bloated behemoth. I hate it so much.

Trying to set up Jekyll on my new system to build my personal static website. So many dependencies and things breaking. >.<

...almost makes me want to build my own static site generator.

...or maybe just handcraft the website like in the good old days

I am getting quite close to finishing the re-release of my first game Susannah. Hopefully it will be out early this year.

I have officially been vegan for a month now and I don't plan on stopping. The unique thing about this is that I am also a sheep farmer (meat and wool). Which is a bit of an odd and a problematic combination. If you are interested, ask me anything I guess?

You know the thing in Futurama where the bureaucrats fly desks around to access enormous walls of filing cabinets?

That’s a real thing!!! (!!!!!)

Behold The Central Social Institution of Prague. It’s apparently still in operation.

I can't wait to get my #Pinephone so I can text people "GNU phone, who dis?"

Would anyone here be interested in a Gedit plugin that would increase the margins on the edges, making text a bit more readable and more pleasant to look at?

Winter is coming

Collapse OS aims to soften the blow. It is a z80 kernel and a collection of programs, tools and documentation that aims to preserve our ability to program microcontrollers through civilizational collapse.

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