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PSA: If any s are traveling around north iceland you are more than welcome to drop by and visit me at kollafoss
Game Farm for a cup of coffee and some gamedev chat. We are only 15 minute drive from the ring road.

So, I got a bit sidetracked with the and started setting up macos9 with software I used back in the day.

Feels weird to use Hotline in its original form...

This is probably a long shot, but is there any browser out there for MacOS 9 that supports HTTPS? If i am not mistaken Classilla is the most up to date one, and it doesn't seem to support it.

For all you participating in Hyperjam, and want to use the Mac II but prefer black and white display...

Given the fact that Merveilles is going nuts for old school Mac OS right now. Does anyone know of any good themes for Linux out there that mimic classic Mac OS? XFCE used to have some good ones I used but I think they are dead now because XFCE switched over to GTK3.

Given the fact that Merveilles seems to be going bonkers over MacOS Classic I decided to relive some of my childhood along with them.

with that said, I do have a collection of old macs gathering dust here. I just can't be bothered to fix them up.

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What are you Merveillians using to run Hypercard? I am guessing you all don't have an old mac sitting around collecting dust. What's the go to classic mac emulator these days?

@SubpixelTeam (at birdsite)
made this amazing 30 minute documentary about our Isolation Jam! Captures the essence of the event perfectly!

I am terribly sad to announce that the Isolation Jam will not be held this year, 2020, because of health reasons. I feel like I could not ensure a properly planned and managed game jam because of my current health problems and therefor had to take this difficult decision. On the flipside, this will allow me a faster recovery, and the ability to make Isolation Jam 2021 unforgettable!

See you all next year
Jóhannes Gunnar Þorsteinsson

Merveilles, what are some good IRC channels/servers out there? Recommend me anything.

Is there anything like the "slow food" concept, but for computing? "slow computing" maybe?

"Democracy 3 steam players have logged roughly 2.39 million hours. Assuming 200w PC power usage, thats 479,000 kwh of power. Thats approx 143t of CO2 using UK grid. if I code 10% more efficiently, it would save equiv 14 tons, roughly 4 return trips from uk->san fran."

Reminder, podcasts are just an rss feed with links to audio files.

Not an app. Not some walled ecosystem.

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