@falt_ That is Blackout by B00merang. merveilles.town/@johannesg/103

I am coupling it currently with DarK-icons merveilles.town/@johannesg/103

Sadly, haven't found a gnome shell theme that fits.

(would love to see this theme on an OLED display...)

@aadil I started with the high contrast theme but it didn't work as well. This is B00merang's Blackout theme b00merang.weebly.com/blackout.

@johannesg Does your theme include some bloom effect or is it just your camera / screen ?

@johannesg Yeah, it's almost a tiling WM, but you can tell by the baseline on the 'matrix' on the right hand screen that it's been laid out manually.

This is why I try very hard to use a real tiling WM all the time. Things like that irritate me ...

@yojimbo Actually, this was not done 100% manually as I use ShellTile gnome extension to handle tiling. I would love to use a proper tiling WM but I still haven't found one that fits my needs sadly.

@johannesg I've spent the last few years getting settled in with XMonad ... then changed $dayjob and now have to suffer through macOS :-(

@yojimbo That's sort of the reason why I don't use tiling WM's. The fact that I need to switch to a whole different DE just to get tiling. I don't want a whole new environment, I just want good tiling on top of the DE I use on daily basis.

So far ShellTile does a pretty good job but it's far from perfect though.

The vanilla gnome tiling is actually quite nice also, but sadly it doesn't support quad tiling yet.

@johannesg Well, the Ubuntu packaged XMonad runs as a WM inside their GNOME session, so you get all the DE stuff ... I used it on a couple of machines, seemed to work, although TBH I was just running 'exec startx' at login time and doing everything WM-only most of the time ...

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