Dear merveillians [sic?] and Mastodonians, any recommendations for good note taking software/workflows out there? Preferably open source and for Linux.

@johannesg Vim/Emacs have several famous options that store in plaintext. But really depends on your goals :-)

@peregrine Orgmode sounds awesome except it has always bugged me that it would force me to use a specific text editor (emacs) to reap the true benefits of it. I guess the same goes for Vim.

@johannesg I made one backed with remoteStorage but it's not quite ready for other people

@rosano @johannesg I love the look of this! Is the code available anywhere?

@eli_oat @johannesg I'm going to open source it as soon as I clean it up. It's sort of hard-coded to my domain and there's an unused section that depends on mongoDB which needs to be ported to remostStorage

@rosano wicked excited to take a look! Thanks so much for sharing.

@johannesg I am a big fan of the deft package for emacs. It allows you to write in whatever plaintext format you want, but keeps all the content easily accessible and searchable. I have a couple hundred notes tracked in Deft -- some are markdown, some org, other plain ol' txt files.

@johannesg is a really nice tool. I use it for plaintext notes. It also lets me publish any of my notes to a personal blog (like this

It's not powerful enough to be used a memex or GTD system, but it's pretty handy.

@johannesg +1 for Standard Notes. I currently use Left + Syncthing for note-taking across computers ^^

@tomupom Are you using Standard Notes + Left+Syncthing. Or just Left and Syncthing?

I am currently just using a texteditor + syncthing but I feel like I haven't found the right workflow to make it work. It usually ends up in chaos.

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