@johannesg Oh, shoots! Lots of construction work and troubles on the "1". What's happening?

@raelzero No construction work. Almost all roads are either closed or impassable because one of the worst storms to hit Iceland in decades. Most of north Iceland has been without electricity for 12-24 hours. ruv.is/frett/weather-warning-t

@johannesg Holy crap! I remember seeing what you call a small storm in 2016, and it was quite the experience.

I can only imagine how hard it has to be, especially for the folks in the north... I see that Akureyri is just out of the "red zone" too, but I expect that they're facing some real challenges!

You have my thoughts and, if there's any way help can be given, please let me know!

@raelzero My place up north was without power and heating, and communication, for 2 days. Meanwhile I was stuck in Reykjavík because of the weather. I think the roads have finally been cleared so I might be able to return home today.

Some places up north are still without power and still snowed in.

@johannesg glad we kept power here. That was some wind! Hope they can get the power back up quickly up north

@tomasino Power has been restored on my farm up north at least, and I think the roads have been cleared. Same can not be said about a lot of people's homes though.

Worst thing was that the hospital in my area was without electricity for 2 days. With no backup generators. That's just brutal.

@johannesg oh no! I read a few things about the damage but hadn't heard about the hospital.

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