2020 Goals

These are three core focuses I will be aiming for in 2020, and I want to talk about them in this thread.

1. Reduce my carbon footprint
2. Increase my nothing time
3. Defeat my anxiety disorder

# 1. Reduce my carbon footprint

- Reduce meat / animal produce consumption. At the very least go fully vegan for the month of January and see how it goes.
- Replace my car with an electric car
- Reduce food waste
- Eat more local (Given my location, this will prove to be quite tricky)

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# 2. Increase my nothing time

I spend most of my time in front of the computer and often I am not using it in a very efficient manner, nor in a way I enjoy to be honest. A lot of time is spent mindlessly browsing the web. I am hoping to reduce this, and increase thoughtful media consumption. Play good games instead of mindlessly wander online. Watch a good movie instead of random youtube videos. Do the stuff I truly enjoy instead of allowing my brain to pick the low hanging fruit.

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# 3. Defeat my anxiety disorder

In 2019 I was diagnosed with a pretty bad anxiety disorder. I have been fighting it now for several months and have come a long way since mid 2019. But there is still much to be done. I don't know what the next steps will be, but I will keep on fighting.

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@johannesg that was 2017 for me and it gets better. Best things I did: cbt based therapy and I got an ebike and rode it everywhere often. Its winter here now and I am feeling the anxiety creep back in. Placing an order for studded tires so I can get back on the saddle.

@johannesg but any exercise that is easy to incorporate into everyday is best. If Biking isn’t possible than I recommend seeking out a trainer or group exercise or finding something to do with a partner.

@peregrine group or a trainer is not possible for me as I live extremely isolated. No people around.

You are right though. Exercise helps and I did a tiny bit in 2019. Hoping to increase it for 2020.

@johannesg fun exercise is key. I never do it unless i am also having fun or if social pressure forces it.

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