Elementary OS was the first Linux distro I started on back in 2013 when I switched fully over after two decades on Mac. I really liked it but there were some things that annoyed me and I ended up on with Ubuntu as my daily driver for my last 7 years. Given the fact how popular Elementary OS seems to be here on Merveilles I decided to give it another try. I really like how it has evolved, and it truly is beautiful.


There are some things that do annoy me though. But maybe it's just because I am used to things working differently in vanilla Gnome. I'll stick to this for a few days and see how it goes.

Two things i have noticed so far.

The trackpad two finger scrolling seems to not be working even if it is selected. Oddly enough this was working back in Ubuntu 18.04 on this devices as far as I know.

Epiphany is having a lot of trouble viewing websites. I just get blank white page a lot of times. :/

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Ubuntu/Mint are not as pretty but it's way more polished IMO

@TeddyDD Yeah. I've used Ubuntu (both regular Ubuntu, and with plain vanilla Gnome shell) for almost 6 years now. It feels a lot more stable. I must say I am a bit disappointed. :(



Starting to feel like I may try Mint XCFE or Xubuntu to get the mix of lower energy usage and theming

@johannesg The elementary version of Epiphany is a few versions behind. Should be fixed soon I think since they will start shipping the flatpak version by default instead of the one in Ubuntu LTS repos

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