I've gone through a lot of todo apps and systems throughout the years and I've never really been happy with any of them. Tempted to write my own. What would you want to see in your dream todo application/system?

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@johannesg You may have some ideas already if you are considering that, I'm curious which kind of todo functionalities you'd like

@Zylann In my opinion some of the most important elements of a good todo manager is the following:

- flow and ease of use. Should be easy to add items and maintain the list. With a specialized app or even a text editor.
- tags
- good searching capabilities and filters
- Simple. adding a task should just be a one line. No need for hundreds of fields.
- Portable and easy to sync (hence, text files)

I've used todo.txt and TaskWarrior a lot but they both have some weaknesses that annoy me.

@johannesg I find text editors are quite good, with Markdown for limited formatting if I ever need more than one-liners

@Zylann Same goes for me when it comes to my small day to day todo lists. But my "master" list has over 200 entries and I need a good and user friendly way to filter through it quickly.

@johannesg are they all relevant? What end up doing is organizing them as a stack: important/recent/immediate ones on top, and details/old/less important ones down below.

@Zylann Relevancy, importance and such depend on a lot of factors. For example I have a lot of things I have to do next time I am in Reykjavík. They are very important but they are not relevant until I happen to be in Reykjavík next time. So I don't want them to clutter my todo list. (and on the flipside, all my todo items that require me to be at home are not relevant nor important while I am in Reykjavík)

@johannesg sounds like a good case of two lists :) Though my phone is crammed with text files at this point

@Zylann haha yeah, I am running into that problem currently. Too many lists! (also, some items would in theory fit in several lists)

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