I've been running Fedora as a daily driver on my laptop (and Ubuntu on my desktop) for 1 or 2 weeks now, and I am really starting to like it. It feels a lot more stable and mature than Ubuntu. Still getting used to some of the quirks though.

@johannesg I have been using Fedora as my main OS since beginning of November. I really like it. It is a good comfy package with a nice coherent experience.

@karroffel yeah exactly. It's so stable that it's almost boring. In a good way.

@johannesg Same here. Fedora ended my distro-hopping. Feels like a "just works" distro

@aadil Do you have any tips for a Ubuntu user of many years moving to Fedora?

@johannesg can't really think of any. I do run into issues with snaps from time to time, though.

@aadil who doesn't :P

I try to stick with rpm, then flathub second, appimages third and snaps in fourth place.

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