Trying to set up Jekyll on my new system to build my personal static website. So many dependencies and things breaking. >.<

...almost makes me want to build my own static site generator.

...or maybe just handcraft the website like in the good old days

@johannesg I heard good things about Zola, but I have not used it myself before.

@johannesg Eleventy is sort of a spiritual successor to Jekyll. I just started using it and I really like it. It's non-opinionated, and pretty straightforward to use.

@johannesg i did this in elixir (a lang I am very fond of) with minimal optional deps.

@johannesg Join us and build your own

I'm slow as hell and still working on my own

@johannesg Zola is really neat, I moved over to it. The only issue I've had is customising layouts in a theme. Hugo is really nice/lean, I would recommend that as well. Both are single binaries so no dependencies.

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