I find it a bit sad that it is extremely difficult to get linux software from 2001 to run or even compile on modern systems, but extremely easy to get windows software from the 80's to run on Linux via wine. :/

@johannesg wine only supports win 3.0 and onward, which is from the 90's. The point still stands though. libc migrations are a painful thing.

@johannesg That's the difference between static and dynamic linking (or vendoring vs using distribution libraries)

@johannesg At the same time, the Win32 API is a hot mess as a result and the maintenance burden is massive.

Idk if Linux kernel developers have the manpower to evolve it like they've been doing to date AND maintain compatibility.

In fact there was an explicit choice not to stabilize the API to avoid cruft and maintenance burden.

This is at least partially offset by Linux images from that era being easily obtainable, unlike (legal) Windows images.

Spinning up a VM is quick these days too.

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