Update on my Hotline Merveilles server project. I am currently spending my evenings trying out various setups and versions of Hotline servers and clients to get a good idea of how to get a stable setup. The plan is to run a windows version of the server on a Raspberry Pi (with wine). Although the backup plan is to run the mac version on os9 G4 iMac. We'll see how it goes

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I am also working on a little tutorial to get Hotline up and running on a PPC QEMU virtual machine.

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@johannesg I think you can’t run x86 hl server with Wine cuz it’s not an emulator (“Wine Is Not an Emulator” haha)… since RPi is ARM… you’d need an actual emulator of sorts. Or there’s “hsx” ( ) which supposedly supports threaded news. or just use regular old linear news with synhxd or mhxd, dunno who cares about threaded or not

@amatecha oh HSX looks promising. Regarding x86 on Raspberry Pi. I've been researching it and it is possible, although it does require a custom kernel.

@johannesg ahh nice, interesting! yeah even if its a bit slower with emulation… it’s hotline… hahah

@johannesg Hotline Merveilles ? what like Hotline Miami !?

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