@neauoire Anything special needed to compile ? I keep getting the following error.

"tools/asm6: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

Installing libasan doesn't seem to do help. :/

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@johannesg @neauoire I don't know, but it's stating a version, so you might have the wrong version of the library.

@thor @neauoire I seem to have libasan 10.1.1. That seems to be the only one available in the Fedora repo's at least.

@thor @neauoire

Looks like the asm6 version that came with nespaint was compiled against an older GCC so grabbing a fresh copy of asm6 and compiling it fixed the problem.

@johannesg @neauoire If you're going to compile stuff... Build *everything* from source.

@johannesg oh mhmm, I'll add the asm6 source to the repo. Try getting it from the famicom_cookbook repo and building it, and replace the asm6 file with it in nespaint. I'll move things around in the meantime.

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