@thomasorus Thank you :3

My "backyard" is essentially approx 1-3 km in each direction. And to the south there's essentially 150-200 km until next human structure.

@johannesg Oh I just checked your profile, you're in iceland, that explains it! 😄

@johannesg And here I am, buying an appartment in France with... a balcony. :p

@johannesg This opening system is so clever! It looks amazing. :)

@groud Agreed! I can't take the credit though as this came in a package I ordered. Design ready, and wood in correct sizes. I just had to screw everything together.

@johannesg Oh, the system looked so unusual to me it made me belive you did "invent" it. Anyway, it stays cool! Thanks for sharing. :)

@groud haha yeah, it is quite clever.

If you ever decide to build a sandbox and want the design, I could scan it for you ;)

@johannesg I believe I do not really need sandbox for now, but I am thinking about, someday, building a pergola in our garden. 😄
So maybe such system may be useful to build some clever furniture? I'll try to think about it whenever I start the project.

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