So, I was going through some old archived stuff and happened up on my project folder of the abandoned (sorry) Diaspora Noise project from 2011. And I noticed a name i found familiar. Is this you @ice ? :D

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@johannesg Haha, yes! And it’s weird, because I was reminded of this project a couple of days ago when digging through an old website of mine. I think we were maybe a dozen to participate? I haven’t used Diaspora in years but it was pretty cool, I remember being happy to just find like-minded creative folks and start something like this spontaneously.

It’s funny, history repeats nearly ten years later. Mastodon and this instance in particular seem to attract the same people :)

@ice wow, it sure is a small world. I am not 100% sure but if I counted the audio files I got correctly we were at least 14.

It's time for 2020? ;)

@johannesg Could be, haha :) I’m sure a few people here would be happy to participate. I don’t remember the rules, did we have many? And should we make new ones? Use a specific tool, set a precise length, encode in an obscure or very lossy format, aim at some kind of collective album/mix, something like that?

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