So here's a question. Can you mention a free and open source game out there that you've clocked more than 20 hours in? (excluding proprietary games running on FOSS engines like the westwood games on OpenRA, the Marathon Trilogy on Aleph One, Diablo on DevolutionX, etc.)

Here's my mention: Mindustry

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@johannesg outside of bunch of roguelikes, and dozens of hours in liero, I spent hundreds of hours in openTTD. Just mentioning it makes me want to install it again. Highly recommend!

I also checked what else is new in FOSS gaming, and I definitely want to give openRTC2 (it might be yet another time sink) and TuxKart a spin.

I think it's also high time to see what I can contribute to one of those projects 🤔

@johannesg just re-read the excluding clause, which openTTD might fall under.

Then, does liero count? It started as freeware and then became fully FOSS.

If not, then nethack, DCSS and Pixel Dungeon should ;)

@johannesg he wrote several arty shmups a while back and they're all in the debian and arch repos now.

i like torus trooper because it reminds me of tempest and stun runner.

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