if anyone is interested. I just joined a 64 player game of Neptune's Pride (a slow 4k game that lasts months, but only requires you to log on once or twice a day for couple of minutes essentially). If anyone else wants to join you can do so now. The game will start once 64 players have joined.

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@johannesg I just started playing this with friends... still learning the ropes, but it's really simple and easy to play.

@johannesg can I share it with a couple of those friends who might be interested?

@whtrbt just saw this msg now. Sadly that 64 player game has started but I hope you and your friends made it in :D. There are also plenty of other small games constantly being started.

I have been playing this for about a year. Completely hooked. Hope you will enjoy it :)

@johannesg all good, didn't want to join without checking first.

we're playing turn-based so ours is moving slow, but the first skirmishes have just started. :)

@johannesg holy! havent played in years. would love to.

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