@jameschip she fell asleep in just couple of minutes. Thankfully, because I was freezing.

I kinda miss real winters here in germany. The most of the time it's just raining. And if snow falls it seems to melt away within days.
But as compensation for this we get a drought every summer now.
I fear my children will know snow only from the stories my generation tell them...
Damn global warming :-(

@johannesg just a touch of snow, eh? missing Iceland so much tho man. we were rewatching our trip video the other night :) my coworkers had a laugh at my retelling of the scary zero-visibility road conditions where all you can see is the yellow markers (and sometimes not even that)… and how other drivers including trucks were passing me! 😂

@amatecha Haha yeah, last few days have been quite similar to the weather from back when you were here. We've been stuck at home for 2 days but hoping to manage to get to town today.

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